A+ For The Book Thief Movie


I LOVED The Book Thief: A++++

It starts with the words The Book Thief in German and I hope they dub this movie in German to be shown in German movie theaters. It IS Fantastic! I didn’t know what to expect and hoped it would NOT be gut wrenching … and it was UPLIFTING as best as it could be given the Holocaust realities.

This was written well and acted well by EVERY actor. It was amazing from the viewpoint of GOD and the author–you have to see it to understand what I mean.     The plot Filled With Love is Respectful. Cried, laughed and hoped and didn’t see the ending coming at all. It’s a surprise where the writer/author again directs us on a different path from the conventional norms.

This movie has children stars in it and I would say that it is safe enough for children to go see The Book Thief to appreciate books, life like Rudy’s, and how every word and promises are important. This movie is good for couples and everyone to experience. It is tough to describe to others, but take my word that it is a blessing on film to see so much loss and pain depicted artistically and to witness how survival looks from a child’s eyes surrounded by grown-ups who sacrificed to make “choices”.

They sang and told stories in tough times. This movie is mostly about Love and Bravery during the Holocaust more than the obvious Life and Death situation about them. A+ Thank You




I was fortunate to see Ender’s Game with V.I.P.’s from L.A. and Lionsgate–at a movie convention screening in Florida.

Ender’s Game for me is the first move to truly capture the beginning of the millennium’s digital era using video games, email, and all other computerized forms of communication, especially used by youth.  I think the youth will relate the best to this movie and all who are young at heart and play video games.  It also had the forces of good and evil to battle, just not in a fairytale like manner, which is so contemporary.  It was further cool to be inside a video game and then within Ender’s head playing out every step.

All actors were exceptional.  The plot is unique and played out exceptionally well.  I thought the ending should have ended with just the impact alone, however, and then use the last bitty part for the sequel at the beginning; it would have been more dramatic and surprise us more in the sequel if it ended with Ender being furious, I thought.  The actual ending softened it up (for me), and I love the direction it took and will take, all Great, just thought an edit and cut would have left us at the climax to which it brought us, but it s “Ender’s” Game and he did it his way as per the creator respectfully and I understand, but was Wowed with the Boom and the rest was a new story line!

I Loved the cast and story so much, I will see it again at another convention November 1st.  WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! GO SEE!!!!

RUSH is a Rush … I Saw It THRICE!!!


RUSH is a Rush ... I Saw It THRICE!!!

Hottest Movie This Year, though Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Was EXCELLENT and I saw it 3 times. The acting and Ron Howard, all the characters, and the true story is something else! Something GREAT! I never knew about cars or Formula 1 and I am a fan. They skipped death every time they went into the car to race.

I understood the passion, but boy did they demonstrate it. James Hunt was played so well from sex appeal to charisma, and he knew how to drive and not chicken out. And Lauda, Nikki Lauda was played with so much Passion too … I love that actor, just saw him in 5th estate and he’s terrific!!! We expected it from Thor, but to see this new actor for us in the States was exciting! Hope to see this movie again.

I loved the guys at the side of the road who with pure Italian joy were thrilled to stop for Nikki Lauda. What a fun scene and I tell you this movie made me want to continue living my dreams.

The guys portrayed were the best and they had personality. The competition was just an oversight for two guys who just wanted to drive and be the best. Their opposite approaches to driving and life is perfect for a movie. Love you Ron! And Thanks!

I felt all the way through the movie that energy of wanting to Win! SupaSTAR was Excellent as was his driving team and Lauda was brave too with an ass that felt the cars’ faults, a brain to make them lighter and faster, and a drive to live and win after he cheated death. WOW!!!!


The UNSuspected Magnificent Movie: The Snitch Cartel!!!


The UNSuspected Magnificent Movie!!!

I went into “The Snitch Cartel” saying that it will be typical Sopranos/Mafioso movie and it wasn’t At All. The true story written from a prison cell is compelling. The acting is Excellent! The filming was tasteful in three different country settings: Colombia, Mexico and Miami. The harm drugs cause, as seen through the eyes of lovers, was heart-breaking. The savage damage was brutal to watch as well.  The filthy extortion of sex, money, property and business was portrayed well.  Martin’s story was filmed with interesting characters stemming from childhood … it’s personal and the movie feels very long (in a good way) to capture the essence. And it only felt long at the end when it may be three endings combined … that kept twisting and showing us the reality of drug cartel lifestyles and relationships. The drugs weren’t the interesting part of the movie at all.  They just served as a reminder that drugs corrupt and entangle lives and never end. The leading lady Sofia was super gorgeous. Martin was a fool.  He does get out of jail early in 2019 though with a clear conscience. Sofia and their son won’t be part of Martin’s life as poetically depicted in the movie. Martin’s mother was not a good mother by reaping the benefits of Martin’s “business” and never talking to her son to get him out of the cartel. Martin working for the DEA ultimately saved his soul and that of others. The bad guys do die for all the violence, rapes, and killings they inflicted on society. It was sadly cool to see in the opening scene how cocaine is made, I admit, and how young dudes can get caught up in the business. I enjoyed the Spanish with subtitles and to see actors who are celebrities in other countries, no doubt. I didn’t expect that. I was expecting Bradley Cooper with jerry curled hair and maybe some kung-fu fighting with actors wired by strings flying over me in 3D. The child actors, by the way, were good, but I question the casting only because if Martin was the boy in the swimming pool or either of the two boys watching Sofia as a little girl swim in her pool, they didn’t look alike and it confused the audience.  I enjoyed that Martin’s friend died bravely at the end and closed the sewer shut for Martin to live. If true, OMG! That scene is remarkable! Thank YOU for showing us your Story Martin.

Stallone Is A Smart Guy!!! I Enjoyed Escape Plan.



Stallone has come up with so many Brilliant characters and scripts throughout our lifetime. Escape Plan is dramatic with intense scenes more than action packed scenes, which is fine;  he does an excellent rendition of a Master Hoodini.  We are with him, as the leading man, as he makes the escape of the millennium.  Schwartzenegger partners with Stallone so well and convinced me that he was a prisoner and the XFactor. The ending I don’t think anyone sees coming and it is cool that we didn’t. I enjoyed the Islamic good guy’s role btw. I give the movie a 5 for its overall smart escape moves and difficult, to say the least, “Plan B” break-out plus figuring out where he was located is a creative challenging aspect to the movie.

Machete Kills It Every Time … And He Doesnt Tweet!!!


Machete Kills It Every Time ... And He Doesnt Tweet!!!

I was so lucky to be in the Machete Kills 2 audience South Beach, Florida premiere. Danny Trejo, Alex Vega and Mr. Rodriguez showed up in Amazing Spirits for a Q&A.  It was a Great Audience With FANS, Real FANS. Mr. Rodriguez told us that this Machete was more like his orig concept upon hearing Federales are sometimes used to do U.S. missions … Alex was pretty and vibrant and Danny Trejo was all smiles and super nice. He told us how he embodied the character who doesnt tweet, which was the line that made Mr. Rodriguez believe in creating Machete.  I’m A Fan!!!

I understood Sofia Vergaras part. She acted amazing and not an easy role to play. Love her accent and look and OMG! She was perfect! I loved when all laughed that sinister laugh. They really got that laugh down perfectly. Excellent acting by all. The bad guy with multiple personalities was perfect. Mel Gibson … perfect! Michelle Rodriguez … perfect!!     I was so impressed how she acted blindly.  She plays bad ass well.  And Amber H. … WOW!!! She is a gem! Lady Gaga … Excellent! Cuba G. … Excellent!! Estevez … funny Prez! The Sherriff … funny! I cant wait for Machete III.

Stay till the end of the movie because its a super hero movie so there is a clip at the end People. Enjoy and remember, Machete Dont Tweet 🙂 Go See, Go See, Go See!




I knew it would be a super cute movie and it was. The cast and script are aces. I saw it twice! It’s definitely a true story lol hahaha about how women go through LOTS to find a good man. The laughs kept up throughout and every scene was a charm. I enjoyed it from start to finish. The mom is a brilliant actress. I cried when she told her pancake story about true love. The leading lady has such a sweet raspy voice to suit her sex appeal and girlish/womanly beauty. She is also brilliant and I would like to see her in more leading roles. The best-airline-friends and co-workers were ALL smooth operators and each one cracked me up: from ordering shoes online and ALL the delays at baggage claim to help their friend find a husband. The boyfriends were ALL hotties and Derek was the epitome of a SweetHeart. True Love. Excellent Movie. The End.