Machete Kills It Every Time … And He Doesnt Tweet!!!

Machete Kills It Every Time ... And He Doesnt Tweet!!!

I was so lucky to be in the Machete Kills 2 audience South Beach, Florida premiere. Danny Trejo, Alex Vega and Mr. Rodriguez showed up in Amazing Spirits for a Q&A.  It was a Great Audience With FANS, Real FANS. Mr. Rodriguez told us that this Machete was more like his orig concept upon hearing Federales are sometimes used to do U.S. missions … Alex was pretty and vibrant and Danny Trejo was all smiles and super nice. He told us how he embodied the character who doesnt tweet, which was the line that made Mr. Rodriguez believe in creating Machete.  I’m A Fan!!!

I understood Sofia Vergaras part. She acted amazing and not an easy role to play. Love her accent and look and OMG! She was perfect! I loved when all laughed that sinister laugh. They really got that laugh down perfectly. Excellent acting by all. The bad guy with multiple personalities was perfect. Mel Gibson … perfect! Michelle Rodriguez … perfect!!     I was so impressed how she acted blindly.  She plays bad ass well.  And Amber H. … WOW!!! She is a gem! Lady Gaga … Excellent! Cuba G. … Excellent!! Estevez … funny Prez! The Sherriff … funny! I cant wait for Machete III.

Stay till the end of the movie because its a super hero movie so there is a clip at the end People. Enjoy and remember, Machete Dont Tweet 🙂 Go See, Go See, Go See!


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