The UNSuspected Magnificent Movie: The Snitch Cartel!!!

The UNSuspected Magnificent Movie!!!

I went into “The Snitch Cartel” saying that it will be typical Sopranos/Mafioso movie and it wasn’t At All. The true story written from a prison cell is compelling. The acting is Excellent! The filming was tasteful in three different country settings: Colombia, Mexico and Miami. The harm drugs cause, as seen through the eyes of lovers, was heart-breaking. The savage damage was brutal to watch as well.  The filthy extortion of sex, money, property and business was portrayed well.  Martin’s story was filmed with interesting characters stemming from childhood … it’s personal and the movie feels very long (in a good way) to capture the essence. And it only felt long at the end when it may be three endings combined … that kept twisting and showing us the reality of drug cartel lifestyles and relationships. The drugs weren’t the interesting part of the movie at all.  They just served as a reminder that drugs corrupt and entangle lives and never end. The leading lady Sofia was super gorgeous. Martin was a fool.  He does get out of jail early in 2019 though with a clear conscience. Sofia and their son won’t be part of Martin’s life as poetically depicted in the movie. Martin’s mother was not a good mother by reaping the benefits of Martin’s “business” and never talking to her son to get him out of the cartel. Martin working for the DEA ultimately saved his soul and that of others. The bad guys do die for all the violence, rapes, and killings they inflicted on society. It was sadly cool to see in the opening scene how cocaine is made, I admit, and how young dudes can get caught up in the business. I enjoyed the Spanish with subtitles and to see actors who are celebrities in other countries, no doubt. I didn’t expect that. I was expecting Bradley Cooper with jerry curled hair and maybe some kung-fu fighting with actors wired by strings flying over me in 3D. The child actors, by the way, were good, but I question the casting only because if Martin was the boy in the swimming pool or either of the two boys watching Sofia as a little girl swim in her pool, they didn’t look alike and it confused the audience.  I enjoyed that Martin’s friend died bravely at the end and closed the sewer shut for Martin to live. If true, OMG! That scene is remarkable! Thank YOU for showing us your Story Martin.


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