RUSH is a Rush … I Saw It THRICE!!!

RUSH is a Rush ... I Saw It THRICE!!!

Hottest Movie This Year, though Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Was EXCELLENT and I saw it 3 times. The acting and Ron Howard, all the characters, and the true story is something else! Something GREAT! I never knew about cars or Formula 1 and I am a fan. They skipped death every time they went into the car to race.

I understood the passion, but boy did they demonstrate it. James Hunt was played so well from sex appeal to charisma, and he knew how to drive and not chicken out. And Lauda, Nikki Lauda was played with so much Passion too … I love that actor, just saw him in 5th estate and he’s terrific!!! We expected it from Thor, but to see this new actor for us in the States was exciting! Hope to see this movie again.

I loved the guys at the side of the road who with pure Italian joy were thrilled to stop for Nikki Lauda. What a fun scene and I tell you this movie made me want to continue living my dreams.

The guys portrayed were the best and they had personality. The competition was just an oversight for two guys who just wanted to drive and be the best. Their opposite approaches to driving and life is perfect for a movie. Love you Ron! And Thanks!

I felt all the way through the movie that energy of wanting to Win! SupaSTAR was Excellent as was his driving team and Lauda was brave too with an ass that felt the cars’ faults, a brain to make them lighter and faster, and a drive to live and win after he cheated death. WOW!!!!



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