I was fortunate to see Ender’s Game with V.I.P.’s from L.A. and Lionsgate–at a movie convention screening in Florida.

Ender’s Game for me is the first move to truly capture the beginning of the millennium’s digital era using video games, email, and all other computerized forms of communication, especially used by youth.  I think the youth will relate the best to this movie and all who are young at heart and play video games.  It also had the forces of good and evil to battle, just not in a fairytale like manner, which is so contemporary.  It was further cool to be inside a video game and then within Ender’s head playing out every step.

All actors were exceptional.  The plot is unique and played out exceptionally well.  I thought the ending should have ended with just the impact alone, however, and then use the last bitty part for the sequel at the beginning; it would have been more dramatic and surprise us more in the sequel if it ended with Ender being furious, I thought.  The actual ending softened it up (for me), and I love the direction it took and will take, all Great, just thought an edit and cut would have left us at the climax to which it brought us, but it s “Ender’s” Game and he did it his way as per the creator respectfully and I understand, but was Wowed with the Boom and the rest was a new story line!

I Loved the cast and story so much, I will see it again at another convention November 1st.  WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! GO SEE!!!!


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