A+ For The Book Thief Movie

I LOVED The Book Thief: A++++

It starts with the words The Book Thief in German and I hope they dub this movie in German to be shown in German movie theaters. It IS Fantastic! I didn’t know what to expect and hoped it would NOT be gut wrenching … and it was UPLIFTING as best as it could be given the Holocaust realities.

This was written well and acted well by EVERY actor. It was amazing from the viewpoint of GOD and the author–you have to see it to understand what I mean.     The plot Filled With Love is Respectful. Cried, laughed and hoped and didn’t see the ending coming at all. It’s a surprise where the writer/author again directs us on a different path from the conventional norms.

This movie has children stars in it and I would say that it is safe enough for children to go see The Book Thief to appreciate books, life like Rudy’s, and how every word and promises are important. This movie is good for couples and everyone to experience. It is tough to describe to others, but take my word that it is a blessing on film to see so much loss and pain depicted artistically and to witness how survival looks from a child’s eyes surrounded by grown-ups who sacrificed to make “choices”.

They sang and told stories in tough times. This movie is mostly about Love and Bravery during the Holocaust more than the obvious Life and Death situation about them. A+ Thank You


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