Thor: The Dark World Is So Much Fun To Watch, not just saying because I am the #1 fan and Thor is a handsome super hero.


Loved the intern and her intern (they’re hilarious), the mad, brilliant misunderstood scientist streaker, the kiss/es, the cgi, Loki’s transformations and tricks, the story, Thor in every powerful scene and Natalie Portman’s role as the luckiest scientist on Earth.

There is chemistry, great one liners, action, and fun dialogue throughout–for newbies too. Thor: The Dark World Is So Much Fun To Watch, not just saying because I am the #1 fan and Thor is a handsome super hero.


Delivery Man Delivers Mucho Laughs And An Extraordinary True Story!!!


Who doesn’t love Vince Vaughn?  And he stars in Delivery Man as Starbuck, the sperm donor and father of 533 children–a true French Canadian amazing story.  It’s hilarious and a true feel good story excellent for Thanksgiving, especially for children and families who have reconnected with an adoptive parent or sibling, couples, and all who want to laugh and feel grateful.

We discover that Starbuck has a funny lawyer friend who like himself might seem incompetent, but all love them.  Not everyone would decide to do what Starbuck has done, but he does all for a good reason.  Yes, donating sperm pays off we see in a court battle to find Starbuck and, or remedy his anonymity.

All the actors are fun to watch.  I highly recommend this movie.

Nebraska IS Amazing: 5 Stars, Give This Atypical Movie A Chance

nebposter-xlargeDoes it help to hear Bruce Dern talk to an audience of people in the Hollywood, California movie industry in a Miami, Florida conference? Yes, and the movie would have been excellent if I didn’t, but blessed that I did. Bruce Dern, worked with John Wayne and he rightfully earned a Career Achievement Award. See Nebraska, a charming movie, and here is why.

Nebraska has real life characters that are funny and the movie is about justice in its’ own way. It’s in Black & White. You just love the main core, laugh, and smile, especially when his wife pulls up her skirt at a cemetery to show an ex-bf what he was missing. She was so funny midway to end of the movie that someone older told me she is Ron Howard’s mother. OMG! And Ron looks like her. You can see where he gets his talent. But back to this movie, which was on the director’s mind to make for years, and gladly he did.

It’s not a typical movie, but typical isn’t always interesting. I would tell young viewers to give it a chance because it does have a great story line, superior acting, and the ending ROCKS!!