RIO 2 Brings It: RIO 2 Is An Amiable, Animated, Adventure (AAA)!!!


RIO 2 Is a Wildly Funny + Entertaining Adventure !!!

Hope you don’t miss RIO 2, it’s Fun 4 All! RIO 2 takes place in the Amazon Rainforest and it’s Wildly Entertaining. Fantastic Story!!! 🙂 Love the writing, excellent 3D effects and animation work!!!

The first movie takes place in Rio De Janeiro with the 2 Love Birds, well … actually 4 including the 2 “Rare” Humans that save them. It includes a lot of exciting Brazilian culture mixed-in with funny good times, hilarious friendships, and eco-friendly smarts. You have to see it! So how could 20th Century Fox make it any better?

All the characters are charming, Jaime Fox’s bird character with the bottle cap for a hat is so CUTE!, The birds who dance shaking their tail feathers and Tracey Morgan’s Bulldog … Cute!!!–except for the bad guys but they have merit in doing their part well!!! The main characters are loveable truly with sweet personalities from many cultural backgrounds acting as a team to bring about a carnival talent show, giving us many RIO 2 light fun interludes of wild musical “talent”. Home-run again with RIO 2.

Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway, as Blu and Jewel, are wonderful macaws. They believe they are endangered and the only one’s left of their species, but they encounter their flock in pursuit of saving the Amazon RainForest. It’s Awesome + The dances and songs are elaborately witty too! I don’t mean to sound stuffy …. I wuved it!!!! The colors were bright and the jokes Sooo Good set in an WONDERful environmental plot to Save Trees, Birds, and all living in the Wild Amazon Forest.

I believe in preservation and conservation and also fight for our environment among saving people, which I saved one person literally this week from a speeding car seconds from hitting and killing the person and I will be attending a conference due to a fellowship to bring about environmental solutions tomorrow. RIO 2 is enjoyable for all: heroes and anti heroes like yourself. It’s a blessed creation filled with artistic value and wholesome entertainment with many good lessons on friendship, staying together as a family & being and acting good to nature like animals and trees who have families and give us so much love and goodness that we need to protect them 🙂

I pray RIO 2 brings good fortune to the Amazon Rainforest. I wish that the creators and, or producers can give money from this sequel to helping to protect the endangered pink dolphins in the Amazon River and any other causes in the Amazon bridging RIO 2 the movie with reality.

As an environmentalist, RIO + RIO 2 are one of my favorite animated films to date. I hope all of you take your children and family/friends to see RIO 2, if not to see Jesse Eisenberg as the blue macaw with a fanny pack. He’s so amusing, love the characters he plays, and the human good counterparts are also my favs here because they truly save the day and they are only 2 people. Hint, hint, be good to the environment, nature, animals please and they in return will give so much more love to you like in RIO 2.


My God “‘Grand Budapest Hotel” Was Kooky Good For The Soul, Gotta Love It


I never heard of Wes Anderson before and thought The Grand Budapest Hotel would bore me to tears, but I went to see it. My movie neighbor (audience stranger) said his friends were “jealous” he was going to see it? Really? The audience were all Intellectuals and there I was with a heavily tattooed Chinese American medical student, intellectuals missed by the naked eye obviously (haha). I was still perplexed about the rave. I also bumped into a socialite M.M. on the way there who had The Grand Budapest locked in her phone of movies to see. Huh? Why? And no, I don’t do drugs, movies are my drug and this was a big high.

Well, it’s F-N Hilarious + Beautifully Done from “Z to A” (see the movie for this reference :), that’s why, I got it 🙂 Divine would be the best way for me to describe The Grand Budapest Hotel, Absolutely Divine. While the Intellectuals went due to the large cast of famous actors, which has merit I learned hehe, I had no idea–as usual. Now, I Know Wes Anderson, and hope you do too 🙂

I think the story takes place in Vienna? Because where is Schloss (Castle) Lutz? Not in Budapest. And The Grand Budapest Hotel? Also not in Budapest. Isn’t that funny? Anyway, the idio-sin-crazies of the comical characters, the fast pace or timing of most of the speech, dialogue, just the idea alone was offbeat excellent funny stuff It takes a while to catch since Intellectuals were/will be in this audience, but it’s Okay to laugh aloud in the audience when you realize it’s absurd with purpose … and then they laugh with you (and maybe at you), but mostly at the movie (Laugh! You can lose a calorie!)

Another admission, I didn’t know the main famous actors, but now I can’t forget them. Gustave played by Ralph Fiennes Is The Best! He’s My Favorite!!! Zero played by Tony Revolort is Excellent TOO and I think he Was an unknown. Madame D. played by Tilda Swinton Is Priceless! Willhem Dafoe plays such a Super bad guy. And I loved Agatha by Saoirse Ronan not just for her New Mexico birthmark, she was perfect for the part! What Roles! What a Story! It’s definitely a Special movie, not for 25 and under but maybe? 🙂

And the artwork “Boy With Apple” … Hilarious! It was all about the boy with apple or how he made her feel. Gotta Love It. It’s different, which is good for anyone. So Go See It To Understand For Yourself! 🙂

Divergent: A Great Teen Movie!!! 5 Stars


I hadn’t read the best selling novels, who has time when you’re trying to save the world and survive? I did show-up to the premiere in Miami in front of the Forever 21 store (great choice of host spot, by the way!) 2 handsome actors showed up, signed all posters and took selfies 🙂 It was great! And I got a peppermint chapstick with the Divergent poster on it. 🙂 Besides it being a great chapstick, the event was Super Cute! They gave out t-shirts, pens, posters and maybe some books? I know that books were signed for sure! 🙂 I stood next to an inspired young female published author and this set the stage for my Divergent movie experience as it should yours, after all reading is a good thing and if it moves fans to write, this is great for their futures not to mention their minds and the world as a whole.

Going into the movie I Already loved what other female authors have been putting-up on the Big Screen and I am a huge fan of the Percy Jackson and Immortal Instruments adventures already. Divergent reminds me of Hunger Games with a strong female lead, with that element of survival which is good for teens to question and explore what is humane in this world? Perhaps searching out their place in the world as well? So for sure, Divergent Is Cool and among the almost all female teen audience hanging on to every word, literally, I loved the energy and passion they had for Divergent the movie. It’s great that so many readers have such huge Imaginations and Faith so I am a fan too!

I enjoyed Divergent. Tris + Four Rock! I can’t wait for the sequel to see their budding romance and adventure. They take risks and live as rogues, which isn’t an easy path. The challenges just run shivers down your back and they are so Hott together you just gotta root for them. Such a storyline brings them together to include writing where a female is the bravest of them all–finally this is the MOST Exciting element of them all!!!

Note: Kate Winslet plays evil well. It’s kinda scary to see her like that (grown up with a change in character), but she pulls it off satisfyingly!!!! Zoe Kravitz was really good too. And Miles Teller played a good bully, but I secretly like him best in prankster bad-turned-good boy roles :))) hehehe.

More guys should see this movie. I hope they do of all ages. Perhaps a great date movie? It does have violence, but my reasoning Is that it’s important for guys to see brave women and girls in movies because that is who we are, yet movies don’t always embellish this fact–and put THAT PART on the shelf

Overall, it is a VERY Kool Movie … how they film the mind sequences and how Four lets Tris into his nightmares where they have to battle against his fears … I think guys will enjoy that part. I know the girls will. This vulnerability leading to trust (to say the least) and sharing their tattoos was exemplary of standing up for what they believe in and finding themselves along the way, and perhaps each other in a world divided by 5 factions seemingly ruled and manipulated by Kate Winslet? You have to see it to get the juicy details. Just saying Divergent is a winner no matter what critics say because the teens love it and so do I. I love Super Heroes and some of us in this world have to break away to make a difference and, or to live free … it’s your choice!!!!

Might Be Better Than Fast & Furious???

95de405a-05c5-467a-92f9-2185efdf039c_needforspeed52b3401683821[1]Aaron Paul shocks in a good way.  He’s small, but tough as nails.  Need For Speed delivers:  adrenaline rush of fast cars, NO CGI effects, incredible hair raising stunts in oncoming traffic that will bug out your eyes.  The atmosphere is chaotic, crazy, bad-ass driving mostly on highways.  It’s fierce!  And the helicopter add-ins are genius!  Maverick is Awesome! Loved It.

The actors are a lot of fun to watch.  You can feel their chemistry, even with bad-boy Dino.  Must say that the nude/butt scene was off-the-wall hilarious fun.  The kiss was one of the best I’ve seen, and it’s a rarity to even comment on a movie kiss because they’re usually okay to good, but this one was Off- The-Radar 🙂  Again, the movie is exciting to watch.

Michael Keaton was in his element.  He owned it.  The Best Disc Jockey acting ever seen!  He was nutty and kooky and, a blast!

The leading lady was a great match.  When she jumps even though afraid of heights, and she is dangling in the air over the mountain in a car, her expressions were priceless, believable and amazing!  And how she ended the kiss scene 🙂 (Maybe she and Aaron Paul did those car stunts? It looks like it).

It was different from Fast & Furious; they made it their own.  The characters are characters. You enjoy them, their strong brotherhood, their passion for fixing cars to go ultra fast, setting the record straight (for Pete), and doing good.

What an EXCELLENT MOVIE!  I never heard of Aaron Paul before and after the movie, he showed up for a SURPRISE Q & A and by then he was known,, loved, and can’t wait for the sequel.  A Franchise is for sure born! He (Beauty) arrived with Beast from the movie and it was an over-the-top treat to an already amazing experience of a movie.

Need For Speed is Cool.  Everything About It Is Cool.  The casting, script, the cars all AMAZING!  I needed that, Thanks!!! Will see it again.

I AM A FAN of 300: Rise of an Empire Like No Other!!!!

Had I known 300: Rise Of An Empire was filled with Greek Gods I would have seen the first movie in 2007.  Seriously, I was unaware of the first movie, which seems like a trend for me since fighting evil takes up so much of time, but had I known …  this swords and sandals movie based on history was a winner … 🙂

If you love Greek mythology as much as I do, go see 300: Rise of an Empire.  It was EXCELLENT!  I adored the strong female lead Eva Green as Artemisia especially.  She was the BEST evil lead I Have Ever Seen!  Xerxes, The God King, was a fantasy of golden idol perfection. And the lead Greek general, Themistokles, had the Strong, Rugged, Testosterone this film requires!

The Excellent Costuming matched 300’s compelling story.  Less is better in the fashion industry, no? yes? yes!! 🙂

Although boys seemed mostly to like this movie, based on my Super Friends, I AM now a fan of the whole 300 series.
It has the elements of good vs evil and a super hero quality about the mortals. It excites fore sure! 🙂 So go see it and let me know what you think about the costuming and leads? hehe 🙂 Not a fan of war, btw.