Might Be Better Than Fast & Furious???

95de405a-05c5-467a-92f9-2185efdf039c_needforspeed52b3401683821[1]Aaron Paul shocks in a good way.  He’s small, but tough as nails.  Need For Speed delivers:  adrenaline rush of fast cars, NO CGI effects, incredible hair raising stunts in oncoming traffic that will bug out your eyes.  The atmosphere is chaotic, crazy, bad-ass driving mostly on highways.  It’s fierce!  And the helicopter add-ins are genius!  Maverick is Awesome! Loved It.

The actors are a lot of fun to watch.  You can feel their chemistry, even with bad-boy Dino.  Must say that the nude/butt scene was off-the-wall hilarious fun.  The kiss was one of the best I’ve seen, and it’s a rarity to even comment on a movie kiss because they’re usually okay to good, but this one was Off- The-Radar 🙂  Again, the movie is exciting to watch.

Michael Keaton was in his element.  He owned it.  The Best Disc Jockey acting ever seen!  He was nutty and kooky and, a blast!

The leading lady was a great match.  When she jumps even though afraid of heights, and she is dangling in the air over the mountain in a car, her expressions were priceless, believable and amazing!  And how she ended the kiss scene 🙂 (Maybe she and Aaron Paul did those car stunts? It looks like it).

It was different from Fast & Furious; they made it their own.  The characters are characters. You enjoy them, their strong brotherhood, their passion for fixing cars to go ultra fast, setting the record straight (for Pete), and doing good.

What an EXCELLENT MOVIE!  I never heard of Aaron Paul before and after the movie, he showed up for a SURPRISE Q & A and by then he was known,, loved, and can’t wait for the sequel.  A Franchise is for sure born! He (Beauty) arrived with Beast from the movie and it was an over-the-top treat to an already amazing experience of a movie.

Need For Speed is Cool.  Everything About It Is Cool.  The casting, script, the cars all AMAZING!  I needed that, Thanks!!! Will see it again.


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