Divergent: A Great Teen Movie!!! 5 Stars


I hadn’t read the best selling novels, who has time when you’re trying to save the world and survive? I did show-up to the premiere in Miami in front of the Forever 21 store (great choice of host spot, by the way!) 2 handsome actors showed up, signed all posters and took selfies πŸ™‚ It was great! And I got a peppermint chapstick with the Divergent poster on it. πŸ™‚ Besides it being a great chapstick, the event was Super Cute! They gave out t-shirts, pens, posters and maybe some books? I know that books were signed for sure! πŸ™‚ I stood next to an inspired young female published author and this set the stage for my Divergent movie experience as it should yours, after all reading is a good thing and if it moves fans to write, this is great for their futures not to mention their minds and the world as a whole.

Going into the movie I Already loved what other female authors have been putting-up on the Big Screen and I am a huge fan of the Percy Jackson and Immortal Instruments adventures already. Divergent reminds me of Hunger Games with a strong female lead, with that element of survival which is good for teens to question and explore what is humane in this world? Perhaps searching out their place in the world as well? So for sure, Divergent Is Cool and among the almost all female teen audience hanging on to every word, literally, I loved the energy and passion they had for Divergent the movie. It’s great that so many readers have such huge Imaginations and Faith so I am a fan too!

I enjoyed Divergent. Tris + Four Rock! I can’t wait for the sequel to see their budding romance and adventure. They take risks and live as rogues, which isn’t an easy path. The challenges just run shivers down your back and they are so Hott together you just gotta root for them. Such a storyline brings them together to include writing where a female is the bravest of them all–finally this is the MOST Exciting element of them all!!!

Note: Kate Winslet plays evil well. It’s kinda scary to see her like that (grown up with a change in character), but she pulls it off satisfyingly!!!! Zoe Kravitz was really good too. And Miles Teller played a good bully, but I secretly like him best in prankster bad-turned-good boy roles :))) hehehe.

More guys should see this movie. I hope they do of all ages. Perhaps a great date movie? It does have violence, but my reasoning Is that it’s important for guys to see brave women and girls in movies because that is who we are, yet movies don’t always embellish this fact–and put THAT PART on the shelf

Overall, it is a VERY Kool Movie … how they film the mind sequences and how Four lets Tris into his nightmares where they have to battle against his fears … I think guys will enjoy that part. I know the girls will. This vulnerability leading to trust (to say the least) and sharing their tattoos was exemplary of standing up for what they believe in and finding themselves along the way, and perhaps each other in a world divided by 5 factions seemingly ruled and manipulated by Kate Winslet? You have to see it to get the juicy details. Just saying Divergent is a winner no matter what critics say because the teens love it and so do I. I love Super Heroes and some of us in this world have to break away to make a difference and, or to live free … it’s your choice!!!!


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