My God “‘Grand Budapest Hotel” Was Kooky Good For The Soul, Gotta Love It


I never heard of Wes Anderson before and thought The Grand Budapest Hotel would bore me to tears, but I went to see it. My movie neighbor (audience stranger) said his friends were “jealous” he was going to see it? Really? The audience were all Intellectuals and there I was with a heavily tattooed Chinese American medical student, intellectuals missed by the naked eye obviously (haha). I was still perplexed about the rave. I also bumped into a socialite M.M. on the way there who had The Grand Budapest locked in her phone of movies to see. Huh? Why? And no, I don’t do drugs, movies are my drug and this was a big high.

Well, it’s F-N Hilarious + Beautifully Done from “Z to A” (see the movie for this reference :), that’s why, I got it 🙂 Divine would be the best way for me to describe The Grand Budapest Hotel, Absolutely Divine. While the Intellectuals went due to the large cast of famous actors, which has merit I learned hehe, I had no idea–as usual. Now, I Know Wes Anderson, and hope you do too 🙂

I think the story takes place in Vienna? Because where is Schloss (Castle) Lutz? Not in Budapest. And The Grand Budapest Hotel? Also not in Budapest. Isn’t that funny? Anyway, the idio-sin-crazies of the comical characters, the fast pace or timing of most of the speech, dialogue, just the idea alone was offbeat excellent funny stuff It takes a while to catch since Intellectuals were/will be in this audience, but it’s Okay to laugh aloud in the audience when you realize it’s absurd with purpose … and then they laugh with you (and maybe at you), but mostly at the movie (Laugh! You can lose a calorie!)

Another admission, I didn’t know the main famous actors, but now I can’t forget them. Gustave played by Ralph Fiennes Is The Best! He’s My Favorite!!! Zero played by Tony Revolort is Excellent TOO and I think he Was an unknown. Madame D. played by Tilda Swinton Is Priceless! Willhem Dafoe plays such a Super bad guy. And I loved Agatha by Saoirse Ronan not just for her New Mexico birthmark, she was perfect for the part! What Roles! What a Story! It’s definitely a Special movie, not for 25 and under but maybe? 🙂

And the artwork “Boy With Apple” … Hilarious! It was all about the boy with apple or how he made her feel. Gotta Love It. It’s different, which is good for anyone. So Go See It To Understand For Yourself! 🙂


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