RIO 2 Brings It: RIO 2 Is An Amiable, Animated, Adventure (AAA)!!!

RIO 2 Is a Wildly Funny + Entertaining Adventure !!!

Hope you don’t miss RIO 2, it’s Fun 4 All! RIO 2 takes place in the Amazon Rainforest and it’s Wildly Entertaining. Fantastic Story!!! πŸ™‚ Love the writing, excellent 3D effects and animation work!!!

The first movie takes place in Rio De Janeiro with the 2 Love Birds, well … actually 4 including the 2 “Rare” Humans that save them. It includes a lot of exciting Brazilian culture mixed-in with funny good times, hilarious friendships, and eco-friendly smarts. You have to see it! So how could 20th Century Fox make it any better?

All the characters are charming, Jaime Fox’s bird character with the bottle cap for a hat is so CUTE!, The birds who dance shaking their tail feathers and Tracey Morgan’s Bulldog … Cute!!!–except for the bad guys but they have merit in doing their part well!!! The main characters are loveable truly with sweet personalities from many cultural backgrounds acting as a team to bring about a carnival talent show, giving us many RIO 2 light fun interludes of wild musical “talent”. Home-run again with RIO 2.

Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway, as Blu and Jewel, are wonderful macaws. They believe they are endangered and the only one’s left of their species, but they encounter their flock in pursuit of saving the Amazon RainForest. It’s Awesome + The dances and songs are elaborately witty too! I don’t mean to sound stuffy …. I wuved it!!!! The colors were bright and the jokes Sooo Good set in an WONDERful environmental plot to Save Trees, Birds, and all living in the Wild Amazon Forest.

I believe in preservation and conservation and also fight for our environment among saving people, which I saved one person literally this week from a speeding car seconds from hitting and killing the person and I will be attending a conference due to a fellowship to bring about environmental solutions tomorrow. RIO 2 is enjoyable for all: heroes and anti heroes like yourself. It’s a blessed creation filled with artistic value and wholesome entertainment with many good lessons on friendship, staying together as a family & being and acting good to nature like animals and trees who have families and give us so much love and goodness that we need to protect them πŸ™‚

I pray RIO 2 brings good fortune to the Amazon Rainforest. I wish that the creators and, or producers can give money from this sequel to helping to protect the endangered pink dolphins in the Amazon River and any other causes in the Amazon bridging RIO 2 the movie with reality.

As an environmentalist, RIO + RIO 2 are one of my favorite animated films to date. I hope all of you take your children and family/friends to see RIO 2, if not to see Jesse Eisenberg as the blue macaw with a fanny pack. He’s so amusing, love the characters he plays, and the human good counterparts are also my favs here because they truly save the day and they are only 2 people. Hint, hint, be good to the environment, nature, animals please and they in return will give so much more love to you like in RIO 2.


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