The_Railway_Man_--_movie_poster   The poster for THE RAILWAY MAN isn’t inspiring, doesn’t do an amazing story justice and since I love super hero, action, comedy and cartoon movies best, I almost missed out on one of the best films ever, I kid you not.  Thank God I went to see it.  It showed me the life of a True Super Hero (R.I.P.).

Based on a true story, released in the U.K. last year and in theaters now in the U.S. thanks to The Weinstein Company.  It isn’t doing well in the U.S., but understanding the culture and all the options, I can see that, but THE RAILWAY MAN IS GREAT and Movie Justice will honor the man this story is based on.

THE RAILWAY MAN takes place in wartime between the U.K. + Japan over the building of a railway.  When Japan takes British and Australian soldiers as P.O.W.’s they make them toil under ruthless, severe conditions, often inflicting brutality. What makes this movie is the ultimate heroic moral decision by Eric NOT to kill a war criminal responsible for murders, nightmares, tortures, floggings, and on and on.

When the main young British engineer soldier (Eric)–responsible for making a transistor radio to hear news like the Americans have ended the war–is interrogated, beaten to his death (but didn’t die) after other barbaric tortures that give him lifetime quivering and yelling type nightmares returns “home”, he finds love that questions his past to help him leave the memories in the past, but they are too difficult and embedded to explore.

The movie fascinates between the young + old Eric.  The old Eric finds out from his railway engineer soldier friend, who ended up hanging himself to end his nightmares, that Eric’s main Japanese torturer never was hung for his crimes, but is cowardly living and asks brave Eric to kill the man.

Colin Firth, from King’s Speech, plays the old Eric with such ease and I’m sure it wasn’t easy.  He was handsome, dare I say this in such a serious film, but it must be said and partly due to his moral and intelligent role.  They do show the real Eric in a picture when the credits rolled and he died in 2013 so he probably had a lot of input into this film with his amazing wife.  This couple are the real Super Heroes of the Universe.  Together and alone, and especially Eric, they tackled the truth in life in the face of the worst.  Brave is a word often used to describe Eric.  Not many would take torture to assume responsibility to save his friend’s limbs and, or lives.

Jeremy Irvine, from War Horse, plays young Eric.  He is Excellent, Hott.  What a difficult character he had to portray.  Acting aside, he shows us the actual circumstances to a T of what happened in the interrogation room. The film is artistic and easy on the eyes in terms of all the difficult matter.  Trust me when I say The Railway Man is Marvelous.

The film ends with alot of emotional good tears and Eric forgives his torturer (who dies in 2011) and they become good friends to their deaths in real life.  Talk about closure.  Eric saw that the man was remorseful, truly, and lived his life educating others of the horrors that happened by providing tours at the actual interrogation quarter’s site.  THE RAILWAY MAN is a Must See, that only seeing it can make you understand, feel, and love it more than words that seem to describe a war movie.

Today’s assignment for my WordPress Blogging 101 course is to use inspired material from the blogging community in today’s post so since one of my friend’s used the term Super Hero in her blog, I thought to add her blog below (after trying to link it) and promote her to illustrate Eric’s Super Heroic Action based on his humaness and whatever he drew from to NOT kill someone who was supposed to have been hung as a war criminal and her bravery to state what she believes.  The link may not be a perfect parallel and I support many beliefs if it inspires, and here it is





THE OTHER WOMAN is a funny, cute, light movie that does women justice! It empowers one woman whose husband, played by HOTT Game Of Thrones Danish actor with Amazing Hair, to be a CEO after he sets-her-up as a fraudulent offshore CEO + sleeps with Everyone on the planet. The wife, played by Leslie Mann, was supposed to be a Desperate Housewife but turns it around with stars. She’s hilarious + fun to watch + you don’t know what to expect until she does it! She’s come along way since working with HOTT Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle. 🙂

Cameron Diaz plays Other Woman #1, corporate attorney, whose character evolves by befriending the wife, her complete opposite. She goes from living in the Big Apple and sleeping around to living in Connecticut married to Hott Taylor Kinney hehhheehe 🙂 (Lady Gaga’s boyfriend:)

Kate Upton, Other Woman #2, all boobs, nice, and deserving (why not) cover model of Sports Illustrated, draws attention, plays it cool after being lied to and ends up with HOTT Don Johnson. OMG, he’s aged well. (He must have had plastic surgery around his eyes, but it is nothing extreme and he looks amazing in his small, but good father figure role).

Nicki Minaj plays a secretary and she is beautiful, as always, not as outrageous as she could be, but she plays a secretary in a corporate NYC office.

THE OTHER WOMAN is cute. The main comedy comes from Leslie, Nikolaj and Cameron’s characters and a Marmaduke Dog that has an unforgettable pooping cameo. My guy friends enjoyed THE OTHER WOMAN on so many levels. I think they either like Cameron or Kate and definitely like Nikolaj, but not as a cheat but for Game Of Thrones. Who doesn’t like a just ending? Note: Most of the actors are older and look amazing. The pain or drama that would really come about was all comical.


If You Like Dance Competiton Style Movies, Go See MAKE YOUR MOVE



The MAKE YOUR MOVE movie poster and title does NOT do the movie justice; MAKE YOUR MOVE is more Excellent than conveyed on paper, some would also call it a chick flick (like that is a bad thing when guys love chick flicks, tell the truth guys, yet they must whine to look manly??? hahhaha), but if you seriously want to learn (if you can) how to dance and take your shirt off (guys) in a heartbeat, see this movie.  It was the hottest style move I’ve ever seen.  That winning move is a wow moment, not only because Derek shows off some triple threat abs … the dance move is Kool.

Derek Hough we know from Dancing With The Stars in the U.S. since 2007 and he competed in the U.K. for 10 years before that.  So he is fiercely trained, but I saw him anew in MAKE YOUR MOVE; at first he looks like a mini Leonardo DiCaprio :)with unusual cat eyes then he is just HOTTER.  Transformation from little boy to man!  They do pair him well with a smaller sized dancer named BoA who makes him look very good for all the right reasons.  They fit like a glove in every dance sequence and the moves get better in each scene.  BoA (Best Of Asia)–she is called–is a pop star in Korea, Japan, and China for reals and  she shows off her talent in the U.S. MAKE YOUR MOVE.  I like her. She made no apologies and danced from her soul to get her VISA, in the movie, and did not succumb to NYC extortion.

This movie does tell youth to live honestly and pay for their crime if they have committed any and lead a clean life.  The movie portrays rival brothers and dance clubs and Derek + BoA overcome the craziness.

I love dance and when they moved I wished I could move like them.  I went into fantasy mode, because I enjoyed the good dance competitions and choreographies.  It’s cool to watch. I’m sure you will enjoy it too, if you like to watch tap + couple’s dancing free style with passion 🙂 I was so inspired, I might even take up tap dancing.  MAKE YOUR MOVE!!!! I did 🙂

Captain America: The Winter Soilder is Stunning



So you already heard that Captain America: Winter Soldier is Terrific!  It’s full of action, suspense, and HOTT looking heroes.  Chris Evans looks great in The Suit (muscles, integrity and all)–after being frozen for decades, it did him right!  Scarlett Johanssen looks better than ever!  Her voice is sweet too, something I noted as a cartoon voice over actor.  I do hope they couple up, but I don’t read comics so I don’t know. She was/IS gorgeous and effective.  I enjoyed watching her as a tech savvy dynamo.

Bucky’s return was The Best.  I think he was a Nazi all along?  We have to wait for Captain America 3 to find out 🙂  Bucky, who was Captain America’s best childhood friend, is the Winter Hott Soldier with a similar twist of fate as Captain America being frozen for decades by the same source. In this Captain America, Bucky presents a dilemma for Captain America and you just sit there hoping they reunite and join forces, but Hydra brainwashed Buckey wiping out his memory and programmed him to fight the evil fight.  I just saw 2 Hott men really fighting to save or destroy the universe and the rest similarly distracted me 🙂

I loved Falcon, played by Mackie who starred in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gains.  He has a friendly, believable look and wore the wings well 🙂

Samuel L. Jackson was a cool cat.  He tricked me every time he played dead.  He adds humor to his scenes and I enjoyed him more this Captain America.

Hypra overtaking Shield is a cool plot.  The high tech system used with the face of the first Captain America’s evil Nazi scientist voicing all the commands was another cool piece of the plot, spooky, but clever.  I used my imagination on that one and can’t wait for Captain America 3.  The plot is getting deeper and better and just cooler using the unknown actor for the Winter Solider gets props from me;  he rocked it.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier is HoTT. Go see it and let’s chat about it.

My God “‘Grand Budapest Hotel” Was Kooky Good For The Soul, Gotta Love It

Movie Justice

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I never heard of Wes Anderson before and thought The Grand Budapest Hotel would bore me to tears, but I went to see it. My movie neighbor (audience stranger) said his friends were “jealous” he was going to see it? Really? The audience were all Intellectuals and there I was with a heavily tattooed Chinese American medical student, intellectuals missed by the naked eye obviously (haha). I was still perplexed about the rave. I also bumped into a socialite M.M. on the way there who had The Grand Budapest locked in her phone of movies to see. Huh? Why? And no, I don’t do drugs, movies are my drug and this was a big high.

Well, it’s F-N Hilarious + Beautifully Done from “Z to A” (see the movie for this reference :), that’s why, I got it 🙂 Divine would be the best way for me to describe The…

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Cuban Fury is Funny … I almost said Furry as in animal Fur …OOps :)


You don’t have to Salsa to enjoy Cuban Fury, but it might motivate you to go out dancing and, or take-up a few lessons. Nick Frost spoke with us to explain that he made this movie for all the right reasons and that he took Salsa lessons for 7 months to make and star in Cuban Fury. Love the tag: All’s Fair In Love & Salsa! Cuban Fury is about an overweight guy who has some competition, that’s all I will say. Go see this movie for all the supporting actors: there are amazing Salsa dancers, gorgeous + fierce!!! 🙂 The dancers are true competitors in real life part of the UK scene. The movie surprises in the U.S. with British, mostly British, accents. A Good surprise. My favorite character was Bejan, a Persian gay dancer in training who is sooooo funny! You will luv him! This actor voiced roles in the animated The Pirates! Band of Misfits, one of my fav movies. Luv Bejan! The character Drew was sooooo good too. A real Irishman 🙂 Funny, Funny, Funny. His dancing duel with Bruce was Hilarious!!!! Hope to see more of him too! This actor was in Bridesmaids + Thor: The Dark World 🙂 He reminds me of Will Ferrell. You will luv him! Bruce, played by Nick Frost, does a great job winning the girl. He has “Corazon” (heart) … a major theme of Cuban Fury. Nick Frost acted in Paul (the alien campy movie you must see) + The Adventures of TinTin :)))) Nick Frost reminds me of Kevin James big time–charming + luvable!!!!!!! The dancing coach + young Bruce rocked it!!! The board game scenes with the coach I luved. More favorites were Bruce’s best friends/friend …. hilarious!!! HIs sister in the movie, the Polynesian Cougar, just great and she acted in another movie I wuv, The Secret World of Arrietty 🙂 Rashida Jones rocks Beautiful! The daughter of the Giant Quincy Jones and an actor in more movies I luv: The Muppets (2011) + I Love You, Man! Cuban Fury is a romantic comedy with good values, many belly laughs, and fiery hot dancing moves. to do Salsa Give it a chance. It made me go out and bust a move. And like an audience member told Nick Frost, she doesn’t need dancing shoes to dance Salsa 🙂

Divergent: A Great Teen Movie!!! 5 Stars

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I hadn’t read the best selling novels, who has time when you’re trying to save the world and survive? I did show-up to the premiere in Miami in front of the Forever 21 store (great choice of host spot, by the way!) 2 handsome actors showed up, signed all posters and took selfies 🙂 It was great! And I got a peppermint chapstick with the Divergent poster on it. 🙂 Besides it being a great chapstick, the event was Super Cute! They gave out t-shirts, pens, posters and maybe some books? I know that books were signed for sure! 🙂 I stood next to an inspired young female published author and this set the stage for my Divergent movie experience as it should yours, after all reading is a good thing and if it moves fans to write, this is great for their futures not to mention their minds and…

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“NEED FOR SPEED” Might Be Better Than Fast & Furious???

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95de405a-05c5-467a-92f9-2185efdf039c_needforspeed52b3401683821[1] Aaron Paul shocks in a good way.  He’s small, but tough as nails.  Need For Speed delivers:  adrenaline rush of fast cars, NO CGI effects, incredible hair raising stunts in oncoming traffic that will bug out your eyes.  The atmosphere is chaotic, crazy, bad-ass driving mostly on highways.  It’s fierce!  And the helicopter add-ins are genius!  Maverick is Awesome! Loved It.

The actors are a lot of fun to watch.  You can feel their chemistry, even with bad-boy Dino.  Must say that the nude/butt scene was off-the-wall hilarious fun.  The kiss was one of the best I’ve seen, and it’s a rarity to even comment on a movie kiss because they’re usually okay to good, but this one was Off- The-Radar 🙂  Again, the movie is exciting to watch.

Michael Keaton was in his element.  He owned it.  The Best Disc Jockey acting ever seen!  He was nutty and kooky…

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I AM A FAN of 300: Rise of an Empire Like No Other!!!!

Movie Justice

Had I known 300: Rise Of An Empire was filled with Greek Gods I would have seen the first movie in 2007.  Seriously, I was unaware of the first movie, which seems like a trend for me since fighting evil takes up so much of time, but had I known …  this swords and sandals movie based on history was a winner … 🙂

If you love Greek mythology as much as I do, go see 300: Rise of an Empire.  It was EXCELLENT!  I adored the strong female lead Eva Green as Artemisia especially.  She was the BEST evil lead I Have Ever Seen!  Xerxes, The God King, was a fantasy of golden idol perfection. And the lead Greek general, Themistokles, had the Strong, Rugged, Testosterone this film requires!

The Excellent Costuming matched 300’s compelling story.  Less is better in the fashion industry, no? yes? yes!! 🙂

Although boys…

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I must say from a woman’s point of view with limited NFL knowledge that DRAFT DAY is interesting & exciting. I gave Draft Day a chance and I am glad I did. You’ll like it too!

Draft Day uses authentic scenes from Radio City Music Hall and real NFL footage to make it as real as possible. Ivan Reitman Rocks!!!! (He did Gostbusters 🙂

Kevin Costner reminded me how good of an actor he is and Jennifer Garner did the same. Denis Leary, who played a villain in Spiderman, was a good choice as coach. All the Cleveland Brown onscreen officials were really fun to watch when the time was ticking and the strength training coach was hilarious.

Great plot. I loved it! It’s a goody! Go See!