Divergent: A Great Teen Movie!!! 5 Stars

Movie Justice


I hadn’t read the best selling novels, who has time when you’re trying to save the world and survive? I did show-up to the premiere in Miami in front of the Forever 21 store (great choice of host spot, by the way!) 2 handsome actors showed up, signed all posters and took selfies 🙂 It was great! And I got a peppermint chapstick with the Divergent poster on it. 🙂 Besides it being a great chapstick, the event was Super Cute! They gave out t-shirts, pens, posters and maybe some books? I know that books were signed for sure! 🙂 I stood next to an inspired young female published author and this set the stage for my Divergent movie experience as it should yours, after all reading is a good thing and if it moves fans to write, this is great for their futures not to mention their minds and…

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