I AM A FAN of 300: Rise of an Empire Like No Other!!!!

Movie Justice

Had I known 300: Rise Of An Empire was filled with Greek Gods I would have seen the first movie in 2007.  Seriously, I was unaware of the first movie, which seems like a trend for me since fighting evil takes up so much of time, but had I known …  this swords and sandals movie based on history was a winner … 🙂

If you love Greek mythology as much as I do, go see 300: Rise of an Empire.  It was EXCELLENT!  I adored the strong female lead Eva Green as Artemisia especially.  She was the BEST evil lead I Have Ever Seen!  Xerxes, The God King, was a fantasy of golden idol perfection. And the lead Greek general, Themistokles, had the Strong, Rugged, Testosterone this film requires!

The Excellent Costuming matched 300’s compelling story.  Less is better in the fashion industry, no? yes? yes!! 🙂

Although boys…

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