“NEED FOR SPEED” Might Be Better Than Fast & Furious???

Movie Justice

95de405a-05c5-467a-92f9-2185efdf039c_needforspeed52b3401683821[1] Aaron Paul shocks in a good way.  He’s small, but tough as nails.  Need For Speed delivers:  adrenaline rush of fast cars, NO CGI effects, incredible hair raising stunts in oncoming traffic that will bug out your eyes.  The atmosphere is chaotic, crazy, bad-ass driving mostly on highways.  It’s fierce!  And the helicopter add-ins are genius!  Maverick is Awesome! Loved It.

The actors are a lot of fun to watch.  You can feel their chemistry, even with bad-boy Dino.  Must say that the nude/butt scene was off-the-wall hilarious fun.  The kiss was one of the best I’ve seen, and it’s a rarity to even comment on a movie kiss because they’re usually okay to good, but this one was Off- The-Radar 🙂  Again, the movie is exciting to watch.

Michael Keaton was in his element.  He owned it.  The Best Disc Jockey acting ever seen!  He was nutty and kooky…

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