Captain America: The Winter Soilder is Stunning


So you already heard that Captain America: Winter Soldier is Terrific!  It’s full of action, suspense, and HOTT looking heroes.  Chris Evans looks great in The Suit (muscles, integrity and all)–after being frozen for decades, it did him right!  Scarlett Johanssen looks better than ever!  Her voice is sweet too, something I noted as a cartoon voice over actor.  I do hope they couple up, but I don’t read comics so I don’t know. She was/IS gorgeous and effective.  I enjoyed watching her as a tech savvy dynamo.

Bucky’s return was The Best.  I think he was a Nazi all along?  We have to wait for Captain America 3 to find out 🙂  Bucky, who was Captain America’s best childhood friend, is the Winter Hott Soldier with a similar twist of fate as Captain America being frozen for decades by the same source. In this Captain America, Bucky presents a dilemma for Captain America and you just sit there hoping they reunite and join forces, but Hydra brainwashed Buckey wiping out his memory and programmed him to fight the evil fight.  I just saw 2 Hott men really fighting to save or destroy the universe and the rest similarly distracted me 🙂

I loved Falcon, played by Mackie who starred in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gains.  He has a friendly, believable look and wore the wings well 🙂

Samuel L. Jackson was a cool cat.  He tricked me every time he played dead.  He adds humor to his scenes and I enjoyed him more this Captain America.

Hypra overtaking Shield is a cool plot.  The high tech system used with the face of the first Captain America’s evil Nazi scientist voicing all the commands was another cool piece of the plot, spooky, but clever.  I used my imagination on that one and can’t wait for Captain America 3.  The plot is getting deeper and better and just cooler using the unknown actor for the Winter Solider gets props from me;  he rocked it.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier is HoTT. Go see it and let’s chat about it.


12 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soilder is Stunning

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this movie… Personally I thought the first one sucked, but, I might check it out… It’s rare for a sequel to outdo the first movie, but its not unheard of (Empire Strikes Back anybody)…

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    • Go See It Charlie. Chris Evans probably ate alot of pasties to get his physique 🙂 Will that draw you there, and the story is cool … it ends with a draw between good + evil. If you see it, tell me how many pasties it took Evans to fit in his suit 🙂 Sorry, I kinda like him and Bucky and Scarlett and Fury + Falcon.


    • Yes, we clarified that one yesterday or so. If they were the American kind, he would be a another type of freak of nature. I like him as is eating English pasties to grow his muscle. K, if u get time … make it 🙂 But then again, I live vicariously through u to hear about tv programming. I looked into twelve-eleven and didn’t see the comment directive, but since people are talking back I found a way to talk, vent, rant and reply back hahhaha … don’t think it’s on my posts though … yet 🙂 Have a nice Saturday and see Grand Budapest Hotel, it has European flair, I think u’d enjoy it and yes, u can snick in an English pasty.


      • Yeah I saw the review you did of that, it looks kinda weird and odd, pretty much right up my street :), I’ll make sure to check it out bud… Take it steady…


      • Up your alley + take it easy we say in America hhhahahha… Thanks, but do it only cuz u think u’ll like it. It may not be ur thing if ure a zombie luver. I love Super Heroes so like ur daughter getting me to bed would create a tantrum if I wasn’t ready, but putting on the suit would get me to bed in no time. ZZZzzz So maybe where a costume to the movie theater to get ready for it 🙂


      • Mate, I like a good story, genre really isn’t important to me… Its like music, if it makes your eyeballs or ear holes happy that’s all that matters.


    • Thank you Mermaid Jennifer … idk, just blogging. Really?! Hmmm, idk, t.y. We’re fellow mermaids, sooooo …. I’m one too, but not here 😀 Maybe you like it cuz we’re friends … but I’m glad u read it + hope u see it if you like Super Heroes. I have crushes on Captain America + Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier did save C.A. at the end, paying him back for doing the same. He’s fair in war, when he was programmed to kill? I think deep inside he still questions his relationship w/ C.A. (after being programmed at least twice to wipe out all memories of their friendship) … he might be a good hero in the end :)))) Thank You


  2. J’adore ca!!
    I enjoyed this movie and I agree that Falcon was great. He was up for whatever needed to be done and wasn’t afraid. I personally would not have been so quick to put on fake wings and fight in the air. Just knowing in the back of my mind that my normal nature is constrained by gravity. Like, what if a flying object from the plane that just exploded hits my wing and I begin free falling? I’m not really a super hero so I can’t land on my feet with minor bruising. LoL. (Just saying). So I admire his bravery and passion for world peace. Or maybe just Shield peace. LoL.
    I definitely left the movie saying “Hail Hydra”. hahaha. All in fun though. I’m anti-hydra- I’m for the good guys.


    • Glad you saw it :))))) No Hydra! Are you kidding me?! I Love Anthony Mackie A lot after seeing him , as I said, in Pain + Gain. He has a good vibe and was perfectly cast as The Falcon. This movie made the Falcon different than the comic books. They said he was U.S. Air Force (a human) who used special wings called the EXO-7 Falcon, when he was supposed to be a Super Hero as made by Stan Lee in the 60’s. Stan is cool. Nonetheless, they introduced him + CA in such an amicable, fun way, as jogging buddies :)))) Those were really fun scenes when CA zipped by doing laps around him due to his extra strength. And yes, I agree such a set of wings may have worried us and any buddy, but he had experience fighting air combat in the military and when we saw him fight/fly among the hyper explosive attacks he was dealt we felt he earned his wings as an elite power for good will for sure which was the point (he was capable)–not a comfortable, safe, risk-free situation to be in, but he offered his experience which was accepted by CA who felt he could help. He enjoyed the public service to fight the good fight with his jogging buddy, was immune to combat, and Hydra was destroying Shield … what alternative did he have? Flimsy wings here we come, but they were strong!!!! He was strong!!! He had to save the world! And what an honor to be CA’s friend + visa versa. Doesn’t happen to everyone? Falcon protected them. The movie showed a true friendship. So Falcon was definitely part of the excitement and was introduced at the right time. He was a great team member, held his own, and is CA’s friend in protecting the world. He fought Hydra and earned our hearts + respect and we watched him become a Super Hero as per how this movie portrayed him! It was interesting how they made small changes of poetic license, but they work. They did justice to the Falcon. He flew like a graceful bird and protected the nest. They gave us the Winter Soldier don’t forget so that added a little more something, something evil to the plot and we needed an introduction of the Falcon, or another good force to be reckoned with to counter the additional evil forces. Macke is a great choice and I’m happy with the CA movies. Can’t wait for the next part 🙂 We have to stand by for a few years to see what happens next 🙂


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