a9b55371-b718-409c-bfac-50d44ccacc2c_NBR_ADV1SHT_1212_RGB_3[1] If you think Zac Efron is Hott, you have to see NEIGHBORS.  He does NEIGHBORS justice.  I actually saw NEIGHBORS because it was directed by Nicholas Stoller, who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall + Get Him to the Greek–which I Loved and I Love Seth Rogan (produced NEIGHBORS) and Rose Byrne.  Internationally, this movie is called Bad Neighbors. That’s funny how in America it’s just NEIGHBORS?  Y?

I actually sat next to excellent neighbors in the movie theater, who Loved this movie.      I seriously didn’t like seeing the funny man Seth Rogan “doing it” in two sex scenes.  He’s funny with his shirt off, comparing or laughing at himself to Zac Efron, but No!  It was too much (their point), but the movie was expected to be this Animal House prankster movie, so it is justified–but still I got a little scar next to one eye.

It was a fraternity house verses married couple with new baby movie that delivered a good message:  older people aren’t dead yet.  This idea of married people with children having fun (not that I support the kind of fun in this movie, but just good ol’ wholesome fun) was actually taken from Seth Rogan’s real life, writer, cool wife.  Thanks wife 🙂

I did enjoy watching Dave Franco, excellent butt scene and awesome confidence like Zac Efron, who has awesome abs, cute smile, and awesome confidence.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse was in this, small part, but he is great from Kick Ass 1+2, How To Train Your Dragon 1+2, Marmaduke and Paranorman–some of my favs.  And then there is the Baby, Stella, who was Adorable.  *Note:  Stay until the credits role to see Stella’s many fearless cameo poses.  Really, she is Amazing.  You’ll see 🙂

Audiences mostly enjoyed NEIGHBORS despite, or rather for, it’s raunchy jokes.  It’s up to you to decide how much you like NEIGHBORS or BAD NEIGHBORS 🙂  If you dare risk getting a little scar net to one eye, then Go For It!!!!  Let me know. 🙂




GODZILLA (click to see Wikipedia link) was a good enough film.  After feeling let down about Spiderman 2, GODZILLA (click to pick a roar) was a blessing with a clear story about a monster who saves the day?  Yes, this is a feel good movie, sort of.  Had no idea GODZILLA was a good, boy, monster.  I thought “it” was a black and white larger than life Non-gendered Tv Monster terrorizing cities.  Every time GODZILLA appeared, the crowd was in awwww 🙂 and clapped a few times, especially when he won the big fight. 🙂

GODZILLA, especially the original, was “portrayed as a frightening, nuclear monster”, a “symbol for nuclear holocaust” circa 1954.  GODZILLA represented the fears that many Japanese held about the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the possibility of recurrence”.  “It culturally identified as a strong metaphor for nuclear weapons”.  Original producer Tomoyuki Tanaka stated that, “The theme of the film, from the beginning, was the terror of the bomb”.

The original plot tells the story of “a giant monster mutated by nuclear radiation, who ravages Japan and brings back the horrors of World War II‘s nuclear devastation to the very nation that experienced it first-hand”.  So I didn’t imagine that GODZILLA WAS going to be a good monster.  GODZILLA changed into “a less destructive and more heroic character as the films became geared towards children” in the 90’s in the United States. GODZILLA has been “portrayed as a protector of the world from external threats and other times as a bringer of destruction”.  He still holds the stigma in Japan.

GODZILLA remains “one of the greatest fictional heroes in the history of film, and is also the second of only three fictional characters to have won the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, which was awarded in 1996″.  GODZILLA’S A STAR!!! 🙂 GODZILLA was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004 to celebrate the premiere of the character’s 50th anniversary film Godzilla: Final Wars“.  Now, GODZILLA apparently does commercials 🙂 Hehehee 🙂  GODZILLA’S a franchise with 28 films under his belt, so I mentioned him 28 times because he IS justly a cool symbol of world peace 🙂

thCA4S99D7GODZILLA didn’t show himself much in his 2014 film (he’s gun shy apparently lol) … Thank God there was a developing story, though he wasn’t the main figure, even if his name is in the film’s title … uhh, hum (clear throat).  GODZILLA’S A STAR and can do what he wants dammit.

Thank God the story was endearing.  It dealt with loss, love, justice, and MUTO’s.  MUTO’s?  Yes, MUTO’s.  There were 2 of them, other unidentified monsters featured, who wanted to mate badly but GODZILLA killed them.  The girl “MUTO” had a belly of radiating babies, literally … kinda spooky.  Truthfully, when the MUTO’s enter the movie you don’t know they are NOT GODZILLA and at some point the 3 monsters seriously need name tags.  I guess, GODZILLA had to fight something, so they introduced other monsters identified by wings, no wings, and GODZILLA being the larger more scaley one.  The MUTOS, you must stare at them with a big grin :))) as you think, “hey! they’re derived from insect – roach drawings”.  They are Very cool and definitely computer generated–a long way from a small clay toy used back in the day or a guy in a costume.  🙂

GODZILLA’S face was too small with a small tongue, I thought, but if any bigger he would have been a dinosaur and not GODZILLA Hahhahaaha.  His look has changed throughout the years (read more in the first GODZILLA link), but he is always stronger than any opponent, especially if they wake him up from a deep sleep (a decade’s worth)–like the MUTO’s did–to threaten his supply of radiation which is his survival food.  YUK!  Not a healthy diet and probably the reason GODZILLA goes dormant for decades under the sea and emerges moody – depressed.  I’m not a doctor, but GODZILLA’S diet seems poor in nutrition.  Hence, he wakes to kick ass and save himself and in the process humanity–to an extent, because many buildings fall when he is woken up.

The acting was good:  Bryan Cranston, from Breaking Bad and Kung Fu Panda, Juliette Binoche, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor, from Kick Ass and Savages, and then we have the delightful Japanese actor Ken Wantanabe, who gave us the authentic, old fashioned, Japanese expressions and stares of traditional Japanese tv and movies, and he reminds us that GODZILLA IS a just nuclear bomb baby creation, a “filmographic metaphor for the United States, as well as an allegory of nuclear weapons in general”.

Other reviews and critics aren’t wrong and just in wanting more GODZILLA and older actor airtime, it would have been nice (HE IS THE STAR) but the younger actors were sweet and the script was a good, congruent story.  We should plan a few parties to watch all 28 GODZILLA’S.  What do you think? 🙂




A perfect summer treat, between 4 & 8 p.m. GO! GO! GO! :)))

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WALKING WITH THE ENEMY Is An Amazing True Story To See Please




WALKING WITH THE ENEMY quickly left theaters, but for me, it’s a Must See (Netflix or DVD AT SOME POINT).  I had not planned on seeing WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, afraid it would be too much, but very glad I did.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true story done tastefully, despite the reviews that did this movie an Injustice.  The subject matter deserves justice.  The other reviewers seems to be antisemitic racists or something to pick on this Jewish movie. You will enjoy it and learn something new and see what true justice is, and isn’t, while watching a real human Super Hero in action.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is the tale of a war hero, and you know how I feel about Super Heroes, who Bravely wears the Nazi uniform or costume to save Jewish lives, as many as he could, and falls in love in the remarkable process.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows us an isolated experience of Hungry, around 1944, when Nazis invade it, along the Danube River, with a pop-up group called the Arrow Cross, who aim to exterminate all 200,000 Jews. This hasn’t been seen before. 🙂

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows Germans living in Jews homes (which is a tough, raw visual to swallow, the reality hits like a brick in the face).  It also shows that Jews were sent to “so-called resorts” that never existed–such as Waldensee–and such lies “creatively” served the Reicht’s higher purpose of killing Jews.  We also learn that Hungarian leader, Miklos Horthy–played by Sir Ben Kingsley–“ultimately” did NOT want Jews harmed as Hungarian citizens and a coup ensued, putting Hungarian trigger-mad Szalasi at the helm.  There were other Brave Non-Jews that also sacrificed to save Jewish lives, though the minority, they were greatly remembered.

We meet Carl Lutz, Swiss Consul in Hungry, head of Swiss immigration, who also Bravely sided to save Jews, but he did it continuously from beginning to end.  Mr. Lutz “deliberately used his permission” to allow 8,000 individual Jews to leave Hungry to include their families too.  “He set up some 76 “safe houses” around Budapest, declaring them annexes of the Swiss legation and thus off-limits to Hungarian forces or Nazi soldiers.  Among the safe houses was the now well-known “Glass House”  (Üvegház) at Vadász Street 29.  About 3,000 Hungarian Jews found refuge at the Glass House and in a neighboring building”. “He is credited with saving over 62,000 Jews, the largest rescue operation of Jews of the Second World War”.

Better than I can describe, WALKING WITH THE ENEMY details fresh, new material from a Hungarian Jew’s true life experience.  “Brave” doesn’t even describe people who face death in the face, and put their own lives at risk to save others.  I don’t understand discrimination & racism at all.

The subject matter sounds grim, grotesque, and awful, BUT the scenes and story are VERY bearable laden with love, respectful relationships and a positive outlook, as best as can be in the worst imaginable situation “new to these people experiencing it”–and us watching it as though it is unfolding and happening to us for the first time.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a treasure and I am glad Mr. Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum told his story to and for the world.  Because of him, the Glass House, and Mr. Lutz, Hungarian Jews in Switzerland and some in America exist today.

Super Hero  Mr. Rosenbaum married his sweetheart in real life, and in the film WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, they escape to America and have children.  In real life they go to Switzerland.  But it’s a movie and they changed that cool fact 🙂

Mr. Rosenbaum doesn’t deserve the bad critiques at all after saving so many lives and watching his friends & family die the worst deaths, SO shame on the other movie reviewers who talk down about this movie.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true, amazing story.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY leaves you thinking and in a better place. You do see how people believed in God so much that they went along with Nazi rules and were unable fighters in such a conjured-up “lawful”, dangerous mind game filled with real cruelty and tortures for a stupid reason to kill a population.

I truly recommend you see WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.  Made me even more grateful for life and reminded me AGAIN to speak out even more in a effort to help whenever I can, and I do it a lot against corrupt odds who will stop at nothing or any means to destroy ANIMALS, THE ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE via their lies and mixed-up job requirements to include some good to mask their dangerous means and ways to cowardly stay in power to get paychecks to ignore harsh realities they could fix in minutes.

Producers of WALKING WITH THE ENEMY will donate $30,000 to wounded warriors by Liking The Movie on Facebook. Go Ahead And Like It 🙂 I did.

Hungarian Jews are still Threatened in the 21st Century.

See Movie Justice’s Railway Man review. Hope you do 🙂 Let me know what you think.




I waited so long to see THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 and it didn’t leave me with the usual happy feeling.  This is my first iffy review.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 has CGI effects (this time) and you could tell they were experimenting, in the beginning phases of learning it and how to place it (which isn’t too professional).  It was still GOOOOOOD.  What was also GOOOOOD are its’ villains. Only problem, the villains did NOT have enough action airtime, one had no history build-up story (Rhino) and Electro’s story was too overly boo hooed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 had a poor script, dare I say it; the plot bounced around and revisited relationship issues we already saw with Tobey McGuire and then some. This Spiderman movie had Too Much Mother And GF Angst.  It was frustrating!  Where were the editors to leave most of the tape on the editing floor and spice it up with equal villain airtime with more action scenes, less relationship scenes and better directing for 1-2 Electro scenes??????

Something about Andrew Garfield as Spiderman also didn’t click.  He probably is a good person – his efforts are strong each time where he does everything right, but I feel he lacks chemistry as the Super Hero with his audience and he isn’t solid all the time.  He goes into his British accent 1X accidently. OMG!  He doesn’t even hum the Spiderman song with confidence.  😦

Emma Stone is Great and I was super sad to see her character, Gwen Stacy, die, even if the comic book warrants it.  Gwen’s death was planned as “the biggest game changer in comic book history” and it worked.  It was a Super Cool scene, as sad and confusing as it was.  Gwen does leave with the best graduation speech ever about living a life unafraid of living, or making waves to achieve freedom.  And when Spiderman wisps Gwen up in the air swinging via web strings, that’s Super Romantically Cool, Hehhee 🙂 But her beginning scenes didn’t do much and could have been left out.

Jaimee Foxx as Max was an Okay, GOOOOOD Enough, Electro, an Electric Villain, a character, but they revisit Max’s story about his jaded feelings a million times.  They could have had more airtime with cooler scenes for Electro.  And Dane DeHaan made a GREAAAT Amazing Villain throughout, called the Green Goblin, though he is never called that in the film, which isn’t Movie Justice.  DeHaan was Very Compelling as Harry and The Green Goblin 🙂  Kudos.  Overall, the villains could have had more Larger Than Life Super Villain scenes tearing up the city and destroying the world around them.  The split wasn’t equal or greater for the title The Amazing Spiderman 2.  We got short changed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 was DIS-appointing … a love-dislike film, but you decide and let me know.  The Sony-Colombia Pictures relationship is a Cool one; hopefully they listen to the honest reviews and bring-it in Spiderman 3.

Remember the Spidey costumes throughout the 6 decades 🙂  Click to remember back in time 🙂  I don’t recall them LOL 🙂

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