I waited so long to see THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 and it didn’t leave me with the usual happy feeling.  This is my first iffy review.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 has CGI effects (this time) and you could tell they were experimenting, in the beginning phases of learning it and how to place it (which isn’t too professional).  It was still GOOOOOOD.  What was also GOOOOOD are its’ villains. Only problem, the villains did NOT have enough action airtime, one had no history build-up story (Rhino) and Electro’s story was too overly boo hooed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 had a poor script, dare I say it; the plot bounced around and revisited relationship issues we already saw with Tobey McGuire and then some. This Spiderman movie had Too Much Mother And GF Angst.  It was frustrating!  Where were the editors to leave most of the tape on the editing floor and spice it up with equal villain airtime with more action scenes, less relationship scenes and better directing for 1-2 Electro scenes??????

Something about Andrew Garfield as Spiderman also didn’t click.  He probably is a good person – his efforts are strong each time where he does everything right, but I feel he lacks chemistry as the Super Hero with his audience and he isn’t solid all the time.  He goes into his British accent 1X accidently. OMG!  He doesn’t even hum the Spiderman song with confidence.  😦

Emma Stone is Great and I was super sad to see her character, Gwen Stacy, die, even if the comic book warrants it.  Gwen’s death was planned as “the biggest game changer in comic book history” and it worked.  It was a Super Cool scene, as sad and confusing as it was.  Gwen does leave with the best graduation speech ever about living a life unafraid of living, or making waves to achieve freedom.  And when Spiderman wisps Gwen up in the air swinging via web strings, that’s Super Romantically Cool, Hehhee 🙂 But her beginning scenes didn’t do much and could have been left out.

Jaimee Foxx as Max was an Okay, GOOOOOD Enough, Electro, an Electric Villain, a character, but they revisit Max’s story about his jaded feelings a million times.  They could have had more airtime with cooler scenes for Electro.  And Dane DeHaan made a GREAAAT Amazing Villain throughout, called the Green Goblin, though he is never called that in the film, which isn’t Movie Justice.  DeHaan was Very Compelling as Harry and The Green Goblin 🙂  Kudos.  Overall, the villains could have had more Larger Than Life Super Villain scenes tearing up the city and destroying the world around them.  The split wasn’t equal or greater for the title The Amazing Spiderman 2.  We got short changed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 was DIS-appointing … a love-dislike film, but you decide and let me know.  The Sony-Colombia Pictures relationship is a Cool one; hopefully they listen to the honest reviews and bring-it in Spiderman 3.

Remember the Spidey costumes throughout the 6 decades 🙂  Click to remember back in time 🙂  I don’t recall them LOL 🙂

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