PHoWxLg85BV2rw_1_m[1]Though I don’t watch horror movies, PURGE: ANARCHY was a first. Thank God the lead actor, Frank Grillo, was a Just Hotty, so I wasn’t scared and you won’t be either 🙂 Just Hotty really should be Batman, he has “it” (body, looks, and attitude) seriously. Check him out! 🙂

PURGE: ANARCHY is about a 12-hour legalized United States fright night where any crime is omg! permissible–to control poor and homeless populations. The thought that this can happen once a year is really scary, yet in PURGE: ANARCHY Frank Grillo protects us as some special forces gunman who sets-out to use his “right to purge” to kill a father who killed his son while drinking & driving, but doesn’t do it; the mother & daughter he rescues earlier–from almost being raped–justly talk Just Hotty out of it.

I didn’t see Purge 1, but my neighbors said it only took place in a house. Purge: Anarchy, this sequel, takes place in L.A. and we see street gangs with (dare I say) cool masks, especially one that says “God” on it. God’s mask was so funny and cool in a weird way because every time you see him, you say, “Oh God!” literally in fear, but he ends up being good. We also see minimal street violence with comical pseudo or soft pyro effects of a school bus on fire and a woman in flames, which comes across as funny stunts (Thank God) so it was e-z on-the-eyes, to create the illusion of a crazy night. Crazy because innocent people die, though we don’t see it badly :); we see one professional guy who was hung for scamming people out of their pensions and it was noted that he “deserved” it, plus he looked like an non-scary puppet :). Purge: Anarchy also introduced purging on the poor by the wealthy for entertainment sake, but the lead wealthy woman had a few ‘grey-poupon’ omg! moments when Just Hotty backfires her party plans. It was funny 🙂

The idea behind Purge: Anarchy is interesting because they show bad people wanting to purge (or kill) for the thrill of it, and other people wanting to purge to seek justice. Yet, Purge: Anarchy the movie was about survival & not purging, and leaving the revenge to God or to the powers to be (Thank God).

Purge: Anarchy was doable mostly because it was NOT gory or too scary and because I sat next to the Best Guys Ever!!! You have to feel safe, that’s key when embarking to watch Purge: Anarchy. On my left sat a peaceful gay male couple in their 20’s, who told me they like horror movies for the thrill of it, when I asked about the entertainment they derived from watching horror movies, since I love a Disney ending. And on my right sat two cute, Black boys maybe 7 & 9, who were scared like me to see a horror movie, but together we pulled through So, So Can You. I wouldn’t wish Purge: Anarchy on anyone in real life, but the movie was thrilling 🙂 Michael Bay knows better than to scare the begeebeez out of us 🙂