HTTYD2_Theatrical_Poster[1]HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON-2 IS WONDER-FULL :)))  Best seen in 3D–because there is flying/playing/fighting action and you want to be close-up to the dragons as mush as possible.  This sequel has even more colorful & beautiful dragons than the first Awesome film, where Toothless was the main dragon and humans feared dragons.  This second film shows us how they advanced to playing with and domesticating dragons (in a mutually good way).  The dragon babies are the cutest!  You must be dragon-friendly to watch.  The animation does more than justice to this film, especially when we see many types of dragons, who are like friendly puppies and lovable creatures with fangs and open eyes and huge smiles.  HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON-2  (HTTYD-2) is a Must See Dream Come True 🙂 And a great bonus is that HTTYD is a trilogy, loosely based on a novel.  Who knew?  There is a video game out too!

In HTTYD-2, Hiccup + Astrid are dating.  They literally are a perfect match!  HTTYD-2 has sad moments too when we think we see Toothless drown, but he doesn’t.  🙂 And the father sadly dies by Toothless, who is put under a Dragon Spell  😦  to turn against Hiccup, but he eventually snaps-back & rises as lead dragon (though smaller in size compared to other dragons, like Hiccup is smaller than his father, and other Vikings, yet they are the Bravest Leaders compared to all).  Hiccup lives up to his father’s legacy, after his father dies, and after not knowing his place in the world.  Hiccup justly becomes chieften because he saves all with his strong beliefs and risky actions–once thought insane.  Toothless stands up against the controlled Alpha Bad Dragon and wins against evil threatening all dragons.  And on a good notes, Hiccup reunites with his found mother, who has been saving dragons in a dragon paradise sanctuary for 20-years.  Her presence is nurturing and strong.  She teaches Hiccup how to unleash more of Toothless’s power, who she calls a rare breed.  We see where Hiccup gets his Spirit!

HTTYD-2 is eye appealing (again) with a great story (again).  It displays a good vs evil Battle this time to protect the peace for all dragons and the Viking village of Berk.  HTTYD-2 is a Huge Adventure with all the same adorable, fun, and daring Viking friends we see in the first film and an enemy named Drago, who has a dragon army.

In the end, the dragons are freed and a statute of Stoick (the father) is built.  Hiccup and Toothless visibly stand different, almost taller (definitely prouder) with their postures to show more maturity as the new leaders of their village of people and dragons.  HTTYD-2 is Sooooo Gooooood!!!  Stay tuned for HTTYD-3 in 2016 🙂