THE OTHER WOMAN is a funny, cute, light movie that does women justice! It empowers one woman whose husband, played by HOTT Game Of Thrones Danish actor with Amazing Hair, to be a CEO after he sets-her-up as a fraudulent offshore CEO + sleeps with Everyone on the planet. The wife, played by Leslie Mann, was supposed to be a Desperate Housewife but turns it around with stars. She’s hilarious + fun to watch + you don’t know what to expect until she does it! She’s come along way since working with HOTT Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle. 🙂

Cameron Diaz plays Other Woman #1, corporate attorney, whose character evolves by befriending the wife, her complete opposite. She goes from living in the Big Apple and sleeping around to living in Connecticut married to Hott Taylor Kinney hehhheehe 🙂 (Lady Gaga’s boyfriend:)

Kate Upton, Other Woman #2, all boobs, nice, and deserving (why not) cover model of Sports Illustrated, draws attention, plays it cool after being lied to and ends up with HOTT Don Johnson. OMG, he’s aged well. (He must have had plastic surgery around his eyes, but it is nothing extreme and he looks amazing in his small, but good father figure role).

Nicki Minaj plays a secretary and she is beautiful, as always, not as outrageous as she could be, but she plays a secretary in a corporate NYC office.

THE OTHER WOMAN is cute. The main comedy comes from Leslie, Nikolaj and Cameron’s characters and a Marmaduke Dog that has an unforgettable pooping cameo. My guy friends enjoyed THE OTHER WOMAN on so many levels. I think they either like Cameron or Kate and definitely like Nikolaj, but not as a cheat but for Game Of Thrones. Who doesn’t like a just ending? Note: Most of the actors are older and look amazing. The pain or drama that would really come about was all comical.