a9b55371-b718-409c-bfac-50d44ccacc2c_NBR_ADV1SHT_1212_RGB_3[1] If you think Zac Efron is Hott, you have to see NEIGHBORS.  He does NEIGHBORS justice.  I actually saw NEIGHBORS because it was directed by Nicholas Stoller, who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall + Get Him to the Greek–which I Loved and I Love Seth Rogan (produced NEIGHBORS) and Rose Byrne.  Internationally, this movie is called Bad Neighbors. That’s funny how in America it’s just NEIGHBORS?  Y?

I actually sat next to excellent neighbors in the movie theater, who Loved this movie.      I seriously didn’t like seeing the funny man Seth Rogan “doing it” in two sex scenes.  He’s funny with his shirt off, comparing or laughing at himself to Zac Efron, but No!  It was too much (their point), but the movie was expected to be this Animal House prankster movie, so it is justified–but still I got a little scar next to one eye.

It was a fraternity house verses married couple with new baby movie that delivered a good message:  older people aren’t dead yet.  This idea of married people with children having fun (not that I support the kind of fun in this movie, but just good ol’ wholesome fun) was actually taken from Seth Rogan’s real life, writer, cool wife.  Thanks wife 🙂

I did enjoy watching Dave Franco, excellent butt scene and awesome confidence like Zac Efron, who has awesome abs, cute smile, and awesome confidence.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse was in this, small part, but he is great from Kick Ass 1+2, How To Train Your Dragon 1+2, Marmaduke and Paranorman–some of my favs.  And then there is the Baby, Stella, who was Adorable.  *Note:  Stay until the credits role to see Stella’s many fearless cameo poses.  Really, she is Amazing.  You’ll see 🙂

Audiences mostly enjoyed NEIGHBORS despite, or rather for, it’s raunchy jokes.  It’s up to you to decide how much you like NEIGHBORS or BAD NEIGHBORS 🙂  If you dare risk getting a little scar net to one eye, then Go For It!!!!  Let me know. 🙂