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WALKING WITH THE ENEMY Is An Amazing True Story To See Please




WALKING WITH THE ENEMY quickly left theaters, but for me, it’s a Must See (Netflix or DVD AT SOME POINT).  I had not planned on seeing WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, afraid it would be too much, but very glad I did.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true story done tastefully, despite the reviews that did this movie an Injustice.  The subject matter deserves justice.  The other reviewers seems to be antisemitic racists or something to pick on this Jewish movie. You will enjoy it and learn something new and see what true justice is, and isn’t, while watching a real human Super Hero in action.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is the tale of a war hero, and you know how I feel about Super Heroes, who Bravely wears the Nazi uniform or costume to save Jewish lives, as many as he could, and falls in love in the remarkable process.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows us an isolated experience of Hungry, around 1944, when Nazis invade it, along the Danube River, with a pop-up group called the Arrow Cross, who aim to exterminate all 200,000 Jews. This hasn’t been seen before. 🙂

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows Germans living in Jews homes (which is a tough, raw visual to swallow, the reality hits like a brick in the face).  It also shows that Jews were sent to “so-called resorts” that never existed–such as Waldensee–and such lies “creatively” served the Reicht’s higher purpose of killing Jews.  We also learn that Hungarian leader, Miklos Horthy–played by Sir Ben Kingsley–“ultimately” did NOT want Jews harmed as Hungarian citizens and a coup ensued, putting Hungarian trigger-mad Szalasi at the helm.  There were other Brave Non-Jews that also sacrificed to save Jewish lives, though the minority, they were greatly remembered.

We meet Carl Lutz, Swiss Consul in Hungry, head of Swiss immigration, who also Bravely sided to save Jews, but he did it continuously from beginning to end.  Mr. Lutz “deliberately used his permission” to allow 8,000 individual Jews to leave Hungry to include their families too.  “He set up some 76 “safe houses” around Budapest, declaring them annexes of the Swiss legation and thus off-limits to Hungarian forces or Nazi soldiers.  Among the safe houses was the now well-known “Glass House”  (Üvegház) at Vadász Street 29.  About 3,000 Hungarian Jews found refuge at the Glass House and in a neighboring building”. “He is credited with saving over 62,000 Jews, the largest rescue operation of Jews of the Second World War”.

Better than I can describe, WALKING WITH THE ENEMY details fresh, new material from a Hungarian Jew’s true life experience.  “Brave” doesn’t even describe people who face death in the face, and put their own lives at risk to save others.  I don’t understand discrimination & racism at all.

The subject matter sounds grim, grotesque, and awful, BUT the scenes and story are VERY bearable laden with love, respectful relationships and a positive outlook, as best as can be in the worst imaginable situation “new to these people experiencing it”–and us watching it as though it is unfolding and happening to us for the first time.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a treasure and I am glad Mr. Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum told his story to and for the world.  Because of him, the Glass House, and Mr. Lutz, Hungarian Jews in Switzerland and some in America exist today.

Super Hero  Mr. Rosenbaum married his sweetheart in real life, and in the film WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, they escape to America and have children.  In real life they go to Switzerland.  But it’s a movie and they changed that cool fact 🙂

Mr. Rosenbaum doesn’t deserve the bad critiques at all after saving so many lives and watching his friends & family die the worst deaths, SO shame on the other movie reviewers who talk down about this movie.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true, amazing story.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY leaves you thinking and in a better place. You do see how people believed in God so much that they went along with Nazi rules and were unable fighters in such a conjured-up “lawful”, dangerous mind game filled with real cruelty and tortures for a stupid reason to kill a population.

I truly recommend you see WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.  Made me even more grateful for life and reminded me AGAIN to speak out even more in a effort to help whenever I can, and I do it a lot against corrupt odds who will stop at nothing or any means to destroy ANIMALS, THE ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE via their lies and mixed-up job requirements to include some good to mask their dangerous means and ways to cowardly stay in power to get paychecks to ignore harsh realities they could fix in minutes.

Producers of WALKING WITH THE ENEMY will donate $30,000 to wounded warriors by Liking The Movie on Facebook. Go Ahead And Like It 🙂 I did.

Hungarian Jews are still Threatened in the 21st Century.

See Movie Justice’s Railway Man review. Hope you do 🙂 Let me know what you think.




I waited so long to see THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 and it didn’t leave me with the usual happy feeling.  This is my first iffy review.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 has CGI effects (this time) and you could tell they were experimenting, in the beginning phases of learning it and how to place it (which isn’t too professional).  It was still GOOOOOOD.  What was also GOOOOOD are its’ villains. Only problem, the villains did NOT have enough action airtime, one had no history build-up story (Rhino) and Electro’s story was too overly boo hooed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 had a poor script, dare I say it; the plot bounced around and revisited relationship issues we already saw with Tobey McGuire and then some. This Spiderman movie had Too Much Mother And GF Angst.  It was frustrating!  Where were the editors to leave most of the tape on the editing floor and spice it up with equal villain airtime with more action scenes, less relationship scenes and better directing for 1-2 Electro scenes??????

Something about Andrew Garfield as Spiderman also didn’t click.  He probably is a good person – his efforts are strong each time where he does everything right, but I feel he lacks chemistry as the Super Hero with his audience and he isn’t solid all the time.  He goes into his British accent 1X accidently. OMG!  He doesn’t even hum the Spiderman song with confidence.  😦

Emma Stone is Great and I was super sad to see her character, Gwen Stacy, die, even if the comic book warrants it.  Gwen’s death was planned as “the biggest game changer in comic book history” and it worked.  It was a Super Cool scene, as sad and confusing as it was.  Gwen does leave with the best graduation speech ever about living a life unafraid of living, or making waves to achieve freedom.  And when Spiderman wisps Gwen up in the air swinging via web strings, that’s Super Romantically Cool, Hehhee 🙂 But her beginning scenes didn’t do much and could have been left out.

Jaimee Foxx as Max was an Okay, GOOOOOD Enough, Electro, an Electric Villain, a character, but they revisit Max’s story about his jaded feelings a million times.  They could have had more airtime with cooler scenes for Electro.  And Dane DeHaan made a GREAAAT Amazing Villain throughout, called the Green Goblin, though he is never called that in the film, which isn’t Movie Justice.  DeHaan was Very Compelling as Harry and The Green Goblin 🙂  Kudos.  Overall, the villains could have had more Larger Than Life Super Villain scenes tearing up the city and destroying the world around them.  The split wasn’t equal or greater for the title The Amazing Spiderman 2.  We got short changed.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 was DIS-appointing … a love-dislike film, but you decide and let me know.  The Sony-Colombia Pictures relationship is a Cool one; hopefully they listen to the honest reviews and bring-it in Spiderman 3.

Remember the Spidey costumes throughout the 6 decades 🙂  Click to remember back in time 🙂  I don’t recall them LOL 🙂

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The_Railway_Man_--_movie_poster   The poster for THE RAILWAY MAN isn’t inspiring, doesn’t do an amazing story justice and since I love super hero, action, comedy and cartoon movies best, I almost missed out on one of the best films ever, I kid you not.  Thank God I went to see it.  It showed me the life of a True Super Hero (R.I.P.).

Based on a true story, released in the U.K. last year and in theaters now in the U.S. thanks to The Weinstein Company.  It isn’t doing well in the U.S., but understanding the culture and all the options, I can see that, but THE RAILWAY MAN IS GREAT and Movie Justice will honor the man this story is based on.

THE RAILWAY MAN takes place in wartime between the U.K. + Japan over the building of a railway.  When Japan takes British and Australian soldiers as P.O.W.’s they make them toil under ruthless, severe conditions, often inflicting brutality. What makes this movie is the ultimate heroic moral decision by Eric NOT to kill a war criminal responsible for murders, nightmares, tortures, floggings, and on and on.

When the main young British engineer soldier (Eric)–responsible for making a transistor radio to hear news like the Americans have ended the war–is interrogated, beaten to his death (but didn’t die) after other barbaric tortures that give him lifetime quivering and yelling type nightmares returns “home”, he finds love that questions his past to help him leave the memories in the past, but they are too difficult and embedded to explore.

The movie fascinates between the young + old Eric.  The old Eric finds out from his railway engineer soldier friend, who ended up hanging himself to end his nightmares, that Eric’s main Japanese torturer never was hung for his crimes, but is cowardly living and asks brave Eric to kill the man.

Colin Firth, from King’s Speech, plays the old Eric with such ease and I’m sure it wasn’t easy.  He was handsome, dare I say this in such a serious film, but it must be said and partly due to his moral and intelligent role.  They do show the real Eric in a picture when the credits rolled and he died in 2013 so he probably had a lot of input into this film with his amazing wife.  This couple are the real Super Heroes of the Universe.  Together and alone, and especially Eric, they tackled the truth in life in the face of the worst.  Brave is a word often used to describe Eric.  Not many would take torture to assume responsibility to save his friend’s limbs and, or lives.

Jeremy Irvine, from War Horse, plays young Eric.  He is Excellent, Hott.  What a difficult character he had to portray.  Acting aside, he shows us the actual circumstances to a T of what happened in the interrogation room. The film is artistic and easy on the eyes in terms of all the difficult matter.  Trust me when I say The Railway Man is Marvelous.

The film ends with alot of emotional good tears and Eric forgives his torturer (who dies in 2011) and they become good friends to their deaths in real life.  Talk about closure.  Eric saw that the man was remorseful, truly, and lived his life educating others of the horrors that happened by providing tours at the actual interrogation quarter’s site.  THE RAILWAY MAN is a Must See, that only seeing it can make you understand, feel, and love it more than words that seem to describe a war movie.

Today’s assignment for my WordPress Blogging 101 course is to use inspired material from the blogging community in today’s post so since one of my friend’s used the term Super Hero in her blog, I thought to add her blog below (after trying to link it) and promote her to illustrate Eric’s Super Heroic Action based on his humaness and whatever he drew from to NOT kill someone who was supposed to have been hung as a war criminal and her bravery to state what she believes.  The link may not be a perfect parallel and I support many beliefs if it inspires, and here it is




THE OTHER WOMAN is a funny, cute, light movie that does women justice! It empowers one woman whose husband, played by HOTT Game Of Thrones Danish actor with Amazing Hair, to be a CEO after he sets-her-up as a fraudulent offshore CEO + sleeps with Everyone on the planet. The wife, played by Leslie Mann, was supposed to be a Desperate Housewife but turns it around with stars. She’s hilarious + fun to watch + you don’t know what to expect until she does it! She’s come along way since working with HOTT Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle. 🙂

Cameron Diaz plays Other Woman #1, corporate attorney, whose character evolves by befriending the wife, her complete opposite. She goes from living in the Big Apple and sleeping around to living in Connecticut married to Hott Taylor Kinney hehhheehe 🙂 (Lady Gaga’s boyfriend:)

Kate Upton, Other Woman #2, all boobs, nice, and deserving (why not) cover model of Sports Illustrated, draws attention, plays it cool after being lied to and ends up with HOTT Don Johnson. OMG, he’s aged well. (He must have had plastic surgery around his eyes, but it is nothing extreme and he looks amazing in his small, but good father figure role).

Nicki Minaj plays a secretary and she is beautiful, as always, not as outrageous as she could be, but she plays a secretary in a corporate NYC office.

THE OTHER WOMAN is cute. The main comedy comes from Leslie, Nikolaj and Cameron’s characters and a Marmaduke Dog that has an unforgettable pooping cameo. My guy friends enjoyed THE OTHER WOMAN on so many levels. I think they either like Cameron or Kate and definitely like Nikolaj, but not as a cheat but for Game Of Thrones. Who doesn’t like a just ending? Note: Most of the actors are older and look amazing. The pain or drama that would really come about was all comical.