fault-in-our-stars-movie-poster-full[1]THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is another film based on a novel–which all, as of recent, have been Amazing so far!  And teenagers are reading, letting us in on what’s good.  John Green, the author, is brave to talk about cancer.  I was afraid to watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS since cancer seems like it’s everywhere.  Foods are contaminated so heavily with sugars, hormones, and other unidentified junk that one cannot pronounce (at least in America) that I wondered if I could easily watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and I Am Glad I braved up to see it.  Hope you do too 🙂

I sat with an audience of teenage girls, which was awesome for giggles & crying sake, but wished, and wish, more boys and men to see THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.  You will be left a better person for doing so, you may even reach a little enlightenment or another chakra level, and definitely appreciate life more, especially if you are a bad person (and you know who you are). 🙂

FYI:  THE FAULT IN OUR STARS title is inspired from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar when Cassius says, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”   The stars in the movies, btw, live full lives though shortened ones.

Shailene Woodley plays a strong 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, who walks with a portable oxygen tank with a tube to her nose to breathe after developing thyroid cancer which spread to her lungs. She meets amazing Augustus Waters, an amputee, who metaphorically holds a cigarette in his mouth daily without smoking it to NOT give it power, in a cancer support group.  It’s a good thing because they exchange views;  Augustus (Gus) thinks Hazel Grace shouldn’t concentrate on cancer always and gives her a book to read, and she does the same.  Augustus adores Hazel Grace from the onset.  Their friendship–filled with laughter, meaning, fun + a fated reality–grows into love while in Amsterdam pursuing the literary meaning to the non-ending of the book Hazel gives Gus to read.

Gus uses his wish granted by a foundation on Hazel to jet to Amsterdam.  It’s Gus’s first time on a plane and Hazel is okay to go with her oxygen tank.  In Amsterdam, we get an intimate look into Anne Frank’s House and it is in Anne Frank’s house that the couple appropriately + inappropriately share a first kiss and become boyfriend & girlfriend. So cool.

Van Houten is the author of Hazel’s favorite book.  He was a mean-spirited, drunk who refused to speak to the children while they traveled to meet him overseas.  The children have fun at dinner, dressing up, and they have sex, despite the bad Van Houten.  Hazel no longer feels like a “grenade”, or that when she dies that she will hurt Gus.  And Gus, a virgin male, who loves Hazel, felt like no girl wanted to have sex with an amputee, but after sex she draws a funny diagram for Gus showing him that he is like guys his age.  There were many fun moments and scenes in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

Gus’s cancer reappears and he has 8 days to live, but Gus happily arranges a pre-funeral for himself, and asks his best friend Issac and Hazel to give eulogies.  It’s done so lovingly and respectfully that it isn’t difficult to watch.  The three share great times, and tough times.

Gus keeps in touch with Van Houten in an attempt to get closure for Hazel and have him edit her eulogy written by him.  Gus Is Love, though he becomes the “grenade”, but they agree there love was worth it.  Gus doesn’t leave Hazel.

We learn that Van Houten’s daughter died at 8 years old, which explains his way of living and being.  Still, Hazel who is played Amazingly well, keeps telling Van Houten to justly F-OFF because he just is portrayed as creepy, not acting right at special given moments and she is LIVING and he just wasn’t an Amazing adult.

I hope I gave THE FAULT IN OUR STARS justice for being a stellar movie.  It’s more than words can describe and ends like a Shakespeare play.  Go see it without judgment and let me know what you think 🙂  The chemistry and story are Gr8!  Elgort and Woodley work together in Divergent 🙂


WALKING WITH THE ENEMY Is An Amazing True Story To See Please




WALKING WITH THE ENEMY quickly left theaters, but for me, it’s a Must See (Netflix or DVD AT SOME POINT).  I had not planned on seeing WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, afraid it would be too much, but very glad I did.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true story done tastefully, despite the reviews that did this movie an Injustice.  The subject matter deserves justice.  The other reviewers seems to be antisemitic racists or something to pick on this Jewish movie. You will enjoy it and learn something new and see what true justice is, and isn’t, while watching a real human Super Hero in action.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is the tale of a war hero, and you know how I feel about Super Heroes, who Bravely wears the Nazi uniform or costume to save Jewish lives, as many as he could, and falls in love in the remarkable process.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows us an isolated experience of Hungry, around 1944, when Nazis invade it, along the Danube River, with a pop-up group called the Arrow Cross, who aim to exterminate all 200,000 Jews. This hasn’t been seen before. 🙂

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY shows Germans living in Jews homes (which is a tough, raw visual to swallow, the reality hits like a brick in the face).  It also shows that Jews were sent to “so-called resorts” that never existed–such as Waldensee–and such lies “creatively” served the Reicht’s higher purpose of killing Jews.  We also learn that Hungarian leader, Miklos Horthy–played by Sir Ben Kingsley–“ultimately” did NOT want Jews harmed as Hungarian citizens and a coup ensued, putting Hungarian trigger-mad Szalasi at the helm.  There were other Brave Non-Jews that also sacrificed to save Jewish lives, though the minority, they were greatly remembered.

We meet Carl Lutz, Swiss Consul in Hungry, head of Swiss immigration, who also Bravely sided to save Jews, but he did it continuously from beginning to end.  Mr. Lutz “deliberately used his permission” to allow 8,000 individual Jews to leave Hungry to include their families too.  “He set up some 76 “safe houses” around Budapest, declaring them annexes of the Swiss legation and thus off-limits to Hungarian forces or Nazi soldiers.  Among the safe houses was the now well-known “Glass House”  (Üvegház) at Vadász Street 29.  About 3,000 Hungarian Jews found refuge at the Glass House and in a neighboring building”. “He is credited with saving over 62,000 Jews, the largest rescue operation of Jews of the Second World War”.

Better than I can describe, WALKING WITH THE ENEMY details fresh, new material from a Hungarian Jew’s true life experience.  “Brave” doesn’t even describe people who face death in the face, and put their own lives at risk to save others.  I don’t understand discrimination & racism at all.

The subject matter sounds grim, grotesque, and awful, BUT the scenes and story are VERY bearable laden with love, respectful relationships and a positive outlook, as best as can be in the worst imaginable situation “new to these people experiencing it”–and us watching it as though it is unfolding and happening to us for the first time.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a treasure and I am glad Mr. Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum told his story to and for the world.  Because of him, the Glass House, and Mr. Lutz, Hungarian Jews in Switzerland and some in America exist today.

Super Hero  Mr. Rosenbaum married his sweetheart in real life, and in the film WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, they escape to America and have children.  In real life they go to Switzerland.  But it’s a movie and they changed that cool fact 🙂

Mr. Rosenbaum doesn’t deserve the bad critiques at all after saving so many lives and watching his friends & family die the worst deaths, SO shame on the other movie reviewers who talk down about this movie.  WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a true, amazing story.

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY leaves you thinking and in a better place. You do see how people believed in God so much that they went along with Nazi rules and were unable fighters in such a conjured-up “lawful”, dangerous mind game filled with real cruelty and tortures for a stupid reason to kill a population.

I truly recommend you see WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.  Made me even more grateful for life and reminded me AGAIN to speak out even more in a effort to help whenever I can, and I do it a lot against corrupt odds who will stop at nothing or any means to destroy ANIMALS, THE ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE via their lies and mixed-up job requirements to include some good to mask their dangerous means and ways to cowardly stay in power to get paychecks to ignore harsh realities they could fix in minutes.

Producers of WALKING WITH THE ENEMY will donate $30,000 to wounded warriors by Liking The Movie on Facebook. Go Ahead And Like It 🙂 I did.

Hungarian Jews are still Threatened in the 21st Century.

See Movie Justice’s Railway Man review. Hope you do 🙂 Let me know what you think.


If You Like Dance Competiton Style Movies, Go See MAKE YOUR MOVE



The MAKE YOUR MOVE movie poster and title does NOT do the movie justice; MAKE YOUR MOVE is more Excellent than conveyed on paper, some would also call it a chick flick (like that is a bad thing when guys love chick flicks, tell the truth guys, yet they must whine to look manly??? hahhaha), but if you seriously want to learn (if you can) how to dance and take your shirt off (guys) in a heartbeat, see this movie.  It was the hottest style move I’ve ever seen.  That winning move is a wow moment, not only because Derek shows off some triple threat abs … the dance move is Kool.

Derek Hough we know from Dancing With The Stars in the U.S. since 2007 and he competed in the U.K. for 10 years before that.  So he is fiercely trained, but I saw him anew in MAKE YOUR MOVE; at first he looks like a mini Leonardo DiCaprio :)with unusual cat eyes then he is just HOTTER.  Transformation from little boy to man!  They do pair him well with a smaller sized dancer named BoA who makes him look very good for all the right reasons.  They fit like a glove in every dance sequence and the moves get better in each scene.  BoA (Best Of Asia)–she is called–is a pop star in Korea, Japan, and China for reals and  she shows off her talent in the U.S. MAKE YOUR MOVE.  I like her. She made no apologies and danced from her soul to get her VISA, in the movie, and did not succumb to NYC extortion.

This movie does tell youth to live honestly and pay for their crime if they have committed any and lead a clean life.  The movie portrays rival brothers and dance clubs and Derek + BoA overcome the craziness.

I love dance and when they moved I wished I could move like them.  I went into fantasy mode, because I enjoyed the good dance competitions and choreographies.  It’s cool to watch. I’m sure you will enjoy it too, if you like to watch tap + couple’s dancing free style with passion 🙂 I was so inspired, I might even take up tap dancing.  MAKE YOUR MOVE!!!! I did 🙂

Captain America: The Winter Soilder is Stunning



So you already heard that Captain America: Winter Soldier is Terrific!  It’s full of action, suspense, and HOTT looking heroes.  Chris Evans looks great in The Suit (muscles, integrity and all)–after being frozen for decades, it did him right!  Scarlett Johanssen looks better than ever!  Her voice is sweet too, something I noted as a cartoon voice over actor.  I do hope they couple up, but I don’t read comics so I don’t know. She was/IS gorgeous and effective.  I enjoyed watching her as a tech savvy dynamo.

Bucky’s return was The Best.  I think he was a Nazi all along?  We have to wait for Captain America 3 to find out 🙂  Bucky, who was Captain America’s best childhood friend, is the Winter Hott Soldier with a similar twist of fate as Captain America being frozen for decades by the same source. In this Captain America, Bucky presents a dilemma for Captain America and you just sit there hoping they reunite and join forces, but Hydra brainwashed Buckey wiping out his memory and programmed him to fight the evil fight.  I just saw 2 Hott men really fighting to save or destroy the universe and the rest similarly distracted me 🙂

I loved Falcon, played by Mackie who starred in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gains.  He has a friendly, believable look and wore the wings well 🙂

Samuel L. Jackson was a cool cat.  He tricked me every time he played dead.  He adds humor to his scenes and I enjoyed him more this Captain America.

Hypra overtaking Shield is a cool plot.  The high tech system used with the face of the first Captain America’s evil Nazi scientist voicing all the commands was another cool piece of the plot, spooky, but clever.  I used my imagination on that one and can’t wait for Captain America 3.  The plot is getting deeper and better and just cooler using the unknown actor for the Winter Solider gets props from me;  he rocked it.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier is HoTT. Go see it and let’s chat about it.